10 Days Out With Your Toddler This Winter

Getting out and about with your toddler in the Winter should be just as fun as it is in the Summer.  As long as you plan and dress accordingly there’s no need to sit indoors and wait for the cold snap to disappear.

I have listed 10 great days out with your little ones in and around London.


I have specifically chosen places that incorporate the outdoors because I don’t think you need to just visit indoor locations when the weather isn’t at it’s best.

Take advantage with fewer people around and explore the following with your toddler in tow.

  1. Winter Wonderland.  I’ve written a post on taking your toddler to Winter Wonderland after taking Little London and having a great time.  I definitely recommend Zippo’s Circus and as long as you plan well it’s a stress free and enjoyable experience.
  2. Christmas at Hogwarts.  Just outside of London is the Warner Bro. Studio Tour London, which was the set location for all 8 of the films.  At this time of the year everything becomes a bit more festive with a dusting of wintery magic.  The whole experience is accessible for everyone making it stroller friendly.  The outdoor section is my favourite part of the tour.  Take your picture in front of Harry Potter’s house, drink some butterbeer and hop on board the Knight bus!
  3. Kew Gardens. The Christmas trail at Kew is beautiful.  The path is a mile long and the lights glitter and twinkle against the dark winter sky.  There’s food, vintage fair ground rides and loads of special family moments to be created.
  4. Winterville.  Victoria Park has its own version of Winter Wonderland this year with Winterville “London’s alternative festive destination”.  With its own kids rave, backyard cinema and pantomime it’s certainly going to be appealing for families as well as the East London trendies.
  5. National Trust.  Take advantage if you have a National Trust card and visit some beautiful stately homes in and around London.  Most of the places have stunning grounds as well, so you have the freedom to explore how you want.
  6. Coram Fields.  This exclusive seven acre location in London is a wonderful safe corner for all children to enjoy and explore.  No dogs are allowed, no glass bottles, no bicycles and no one without a child may use its facilities.  With a great playground and loads of open space for children to use a variety of provided equipment to play with, you can literally spend hours in here.  There’s also a little farm for them to enjoy and a cafe to keep fuelled up!
  7. Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  If you have  little one with a penchant for trains, perhaps take them somewhere extra special to enjoy this passion.  What’s more exciting than a steam train? The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is a 25 acre working steam museum.  On certain days you can enjoy one of their steam rides, they also do special days out with Thomas! *toot toot*
  8. London RIB Voyages.  A little bit of fun and fast paced adrenalin fuelled action for the whole family.  I’ve reviewed this tour recently, and highly recommend it.
  9. Spitalfields City Farm.  Located in Tower Hamlets is this fab free city farm.  It makes a great day out for the little ones who get to meet a manner of animals and get up close with them.
  10. Diana Memorial Playground.  In the Summer this playground is packed.  Take advantage with kids being at school, and the colder weather to enjoy it during its quieter period.  There’s a sensory trail, teepees and a beach where the pirate ship is proudly sat upon.  The ship encourages all age groups to play together creatively and use their imaginations to explore.

With so much fun to be had outdoors, make sure you wrap your little ones up properly and effectively from the cold, damp British weather.  This hat from dab + blyton, and coat from Muddy Puddles makes the perfect snug combo.


The snow flurry ski jacket is currently on sale for £44.00 from Muddy Puddles and it’s the perfect winter warmer for the little ones.

Not only is it skiing proof waterproof (making it extra water-resistant in my eyes), but it’s also windproof and has great thermal protection.  Unlike other coats, this particular one includes a water, snow and wind resistant belt that fits around the child’s lower torso to make sure the cold has no way of seeping in.  However it is made with a breathable fabric so any moisture vapour can seep out.

The beautiful bright colour means my child is easily visible in a sea of children and the reflective logos make sure that even as it gets darker, he is still easy to spot at all times.


The quality of this coat speaks for itself.  It’s not only practical but it’s also comfortable for my child to wear.  It doesn’t cause any unnecessary bulking and he’s still able to freely move his arms and play while wearing this coat.

The cuffs are adjustable meaning I can fit them to my Son’s wrists, so I can either pull them down (if he’s gloveless) using the thumb holes to keep them in place or use the cuffs to help secure his mittens.

To fully enjoy Winter with your child, make sure you have adequate clothing for them to happily play outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.  This coat gets a 5 out of 5 from us here at The London Mum.


For really cold weather, Muddy Puddles recommends three-point layering:

Step 1 Base layer: Long sleeve top with thermal properties

Step 2 Mid layer: Long-sleeved fleece jumper

Step 3 Windproof, waterproof jacket: The snow flurry ski jacket.

With all that information, go and enjoy some winter fun outdoors and get your vitamin D allowance!





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  2. We have national trust passes and they are the best. If it is a bot cold it helps being able to pop in the house, if there is one. Not that you end up staying there for long with the little ones though! x

    • That’s one of the things I love about the NT. If the weather takes a seriously bad turn here’s usually a house to head into- or at least a cafe 😉 x

    • Definitely makes coming here easier with a list of toddler things to do if you have a little one in tow! lol x

    • It’s great! we’re currently putting it through the test in some sub zero temperatures while away on holiday! 😉 x

    • Gorgeous isn’t it! Yeah, the National trust cards are great- I think it was £99.00 for a double membership for myself and Mr London Mum.

  3. I really want to go to Christmas at Hogwarts! I keep missing it but I will go next year!
    Becky recently posted…But she’s wearing BLUE!My Profile

    • I want to go dine int heir great hall somehow or another- god knows if it’s possible but one day! lol x

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