10 Long Weekend Getaways| Black Friday

So Black Friday is slowly creeping up, which means there will be deals galore all over the place.  Whether that’s in store or online, if a brand is taking part you can guarantee getting what you want at a steal.

I thought to help you out.  So I’ve listed 10 long weekend getaways.

All the places I’ve picked have their own unique charm and are top of many travellers ‘must visit’ lists.  I’ve listed some prices that are already available for some of these places, but when Black Friday hits you may want to check with the other operators that I’ve linked to compare the deals.

Don’t forget that Cyber Monday is very real too, and is the typical day that most travel companies reduce their fares in the United States.  So if the deals aren’t looking great on Black Friday maybe check again on Monday.

And then my friends, just book book book!

1. Cappadocia

If you’re on Instagram you can’t help by be seduced by the region of Cappadocia.  Pictures of the early morning horizon filled with hot air balloons amongst the lunar type landscapes are captivating.

At the moment British Airways fly to Istanbul in March from £101 return.  As a company they’ve been known to throw great Black Friday deals, so it may be worth checking if the price comes down on Black Friday.

Don’t forget you’ll have to book an internal flight from Istanbul to Kayseri too.

2. Chefchaouen 

Chefchaouen is the beautiful blue city stuck a good distance between two different airports.  Tangier and Fes.

From Tangier, Chefchouen can be reached in two and a half hours by car, or from Fes it’ll take three and a half hours.  But personally I think it would be worth every tedious second of travel to get there!

British Airways flies to Tangier with a stop off in Madrid for £95 each way.  So again check their prices on Black Friday to see if that comes down.

Ryanair fly direct to Fes from £17 one way.  That’s for a flight in December, but with a few prices hovering around the £20 mark for early next year you can relax and buy something where you have a bit more time to plan!

3. New York

Norwegian Airlines already fly to New York for a great price, but they’ve heavily promoted that they’ll be taking part in Black Friday for just the one day.  So make sure you check out how low their prices are for a long weekend in New York.  At the moment you can find return flights from as low as £259.80.  Just imagine what it’ll be on Black Friday!

4. Santorini

White washed houses with blue painted roofs on a beautiful volcanic island.  Where could be more romantic?

With Thomas Cook flying there from £53 one way in October it could be checking back on Black Friday to see if that price reduces further.

If you have a large family, Thomas Cook have a deal for Black Friday already for anyone spending over £1000 for any booking between May and October, to get £200 off using the code: BF200.  So it includes the dreaded school holiday season… always worth seeing if they have any further Black Friday deals where that discount code can be applied.

5. Mykonos

Another Greek island of course, but one that might be more appropriate with young children who may not appreciate the extensive steps found in Santorini.

The cheapest deal I’ve found is £55 return with EasyJet in April.  I’m not sure if EasyJet reduce fare prices on Black Friday or they just reduce their full package options, but as always it’s worth checking out.

6. Copenhagen

Every long weekend post needs a hint of Scandi cool.  And Copenhagen certainly embodies that.

There are tickets from £31 return currently with Ryanair.  I’d spend more on the train journey to get to Luton then I would the flight to Copenhagen.  It’s a steal!

Make sure to check for further discounts on Black Friday, or book now to avoid potential price hikes as the seats start to sell off before Black Friday. Easyjet and Norwegian also fly there, so make sure to compare on Black Friday itself!

If you want to know what you can do in Copenhagen, read my post here.

7. Marrakech 

Marrakech is an amazing city to explore, and it makes a great excuse to get some much-needed winter sun.  With flights from £19 each way in January with Ryanair, if it’s been on you must-do list maybe now’s the time to go.

Here’s my post on Marrakech if you need persuading.  That post should link you through to a further two posts on the city.

8. Havana

I know what you might be thinking.  Havana? But hear me out.  It can be done in a long weekend if it’s somewhere you’re keen to explore.  Leave on an early morning flight and you’ll land in Havana in the afternoon.  Enjoy three nights and 4 days enjoying the colonial grandeur of the buildings and drinking mojitos, before flying back on an afternoon flight which lands back in the UK the morning after.

Who cares about the jet lag as you stroll into work, you’ve just been to Havana!

I’ve found return tickets leaving on a Thursday and returning on a Monday for £499 with Virgin Atlantic who are guaranteed to have a Black Friday deal.

So make sure to check that price on Black Friday and also on Cyber Monday.

9. Provence

The South of France screams money but actually holidaying there can be really cheap.  Flights to Marseille are low all year around if you book early enough as they hover around the £45-£50 mark typically before they steadily rise.

Here’s a post of our little holiday in Provence this year to whet your appetite.

You can buy Black Friday tickets currently with Ryanair for £18.00 return in January from London.  But make sure to compare prices from a variety of airports and the different airlines that fly there such as British Airways and EasyJet for the cheapest overall deal.

10. St. Petersburg

Search for the lost Princess of Russia by getting to grips with its history in St. Petersburg.  British Airways have return long weekend flights for £145.00 at the moment.  Fingers crossed it comes down further on Black Friday, as I’ll need to justify possible buying 10 flights to Mr London Mum after writing this post.

And there you have it.  10 long weekend getaways with all the links you might need to get you to that place you’ve had serious wanderlust for.  If you work from home, or just need to stay on top of work admin don’t forget to bring your work with you with either an Acer or a Linx tablet from AO .  AO will definitely be involved in Black Friday bringing you all the technical products or household appliances you might possibly need so don’t forget to check them out too.



  1. I was looking at deals last night and Santorini came up - would love to visit. But now you mention Havana, ooh na na….! x

    • The song keeps playing everywhere I go so I think it’s trying to tell me something secretly 😉

  2. Some great prices there, especially Santorini. I went there on my honeymoon 10 years ago now and would love the opportunity to go back. I’ll get checking those prices.

    • I haven’t seen a santorini price that low to begin with for years, and I’m always checking!! lol

  3. These all sound like such amazing places to get away to - it has been way too long since we took a long weekend away, I’m going to have to speak to Ash I think.

    • I’d forgo all xmas and birthday presents for some good flight tickets.. shame I can’t book them all because we’re beholden to my other halves forever changing work schedule… then again at those prices maybe I’ll secretly book them anyway 😉

  4. What? Where is Detroit on this list?? Wow,now I’m offended….we have a lot of charm and fun places to see and…..

    Okay,I can’t keep that up,it was making me ill.

    I like your list much better. My brother just went to NYC and he loved every minute of it.

    • I’d go to Detroit for sure you’ve sold me on the extensive charm hahaha! There are so many places I want to go to *sigh* I feel like there are more places then I’ll ever manage in a lifetime!

    • Las Vegas is definitely on my to do list. I still can’t believe I’ve not made it there yet. I do worry that I’ll possibly get a bit tipsy and marry a random person because it sounded ‘funny’ at the time. lol x

    • Definitely check them out then, the prices are already great but with black friday they may get even better!

  5. Great ideas! I’d love a long weekend in New York, unfortunately we are only off to wales for a long weekend tomorrow! Can’t complain but would rather it somewhere more exotic!

  6. A tip for travellers to santorini, here is how is the weather in santorini every month of the year

  7. Copenhagen would be an amazing place ot visit. Everything in Scandinavia countries look beautiful from the coloured building and the slow and laid back culture. £31 for flights is a great deal

    • I haven’t made it to greece yet, I’m hoping to next summer but it’ll all depend on r London Mum’s work schedule. Boo.

  8. The flights to Cuba are really cheap, they usually are over £700. There are so many great travel deals for Black Friday, if only the wallet was bottomless haha

  9. Ooh! Some really great places there, at such incredible prices too! I’m really tempted to book my next trip right now! xx

    • I’m with you… I’m struggling not to just pay for 10 long weekend break for next year lol!

  10. Funnily enough i’ve been looking at breaks all this weekend. I would love to go to Santorini and Marrakech. I hadn’t heard of some of these places before x

    • I would just love to go to santorini, but it’s always been so expensive.. I’m convincing myself with these prices though! lol

  11. We’ve just booked a two week holiday after thinking about a weekend getaway.
    We don’t seem to do things in halves. Love this list - Added to my list of places to visit 🙂 Thanks hun
    Charlotte x

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