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There’s no denying it kids change your life from the moment that double line shows up on a pregnancy test.  Instead of that enjoyable hedonistic lifestyle, you’re suddenly forced to reign it in.

All those things you once enjoyed become things of the past… or do they?

Life might change, but actually many of the things you once enjoyed you can still continue to enjoy with your children in tow.  You’ve just got to look in the right places.

Are you one of the below individuals?

Perhaps you’re a number of them.

If you’ve lost your way, hopefully I’ll be able to give you a little push in the right direction to reclaim your lifestyle where the little critters are (usually) just as welcome.

1. The all-night clubber

Think you’re clubbing days have ended? Well that doesn’t have to be the case.  Big Fish Little Fish hold day time raves for all the family.  So you may need to change the hours you’re used to raving, but the rave itself doesn’t have to end.  You’ll get top DJ’s playing club classics and a licensed bar (stumbling out at 4pm is the new 4am…), and of course your kids will love the activity stations set up for them as well as busting a groove with mum or dad.

2. The film lover

Are your friends going on about the latest blockbuster but your stuck at home with the baby? Have you checked out your local cinema to see if they offer baby screenings? Odeon, Showcase Cinemas, Cineworld, Empire and Vue are some of the big cinema names that all have these showings.  Usually the volume is turned down a little on the screening and the lights are left on (but dimmed).  No excuses now!

3. The car enthusiast

Ok, so you’re not going to get your kids into a 2 seater sports car.  But that doesn’t mean your car style has to go out of the window (although I won’t lie… it’s easier to just go with it for a few years).  Most of the great German branded cars have stylish looking options.  Or a Range Rover will see you accepted into the cool Chelsea mama tractor crew if that’s more your thing.  Of course if you have spare cash to burn why not drive up in an Aston Martin (I can but dream).  I’m not that big on cars, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask, but what I do know is that there is a family friendly car out there to suit your needs- you don’t have to resort to a family wagon if you don’t want to.

4. The slope seeker

Going somewhere hot on holiday doesn’t seem to trouble parents as much as the idea of an active winter holiday.  Skiing and snowboarding are sports usually resigned for ‘when the kids get older.’  But that doesn’t have to be the case at all.  Mark Warner provide family ski holidays with all the bells and whistles.  They take the hassle out of the journey by offering direct flights and transfers.  And with childcare available from 4 months to 12 years, you’ll be able to whizz down those black slopes without worry.  There are even lessons that children from as young as 4 can take to build up their skiing confidence.  And while you enjoy your complimentary three course dinner with wine in the evenings you may want to take advantage of the evening childcare.  How much of the childcare you want to use is of course entirely up to you.

If cold isn’t your thing, Mark Warner also do sun seeker holidays as well- including their new beach resort in Turkey.

5. The fancy foodie

It can be tough for the foodie out there to combine their passion of eating top notch cuisine with young children in tow.  The disapproving looks, the after meal floor sweep up with a napkin to clear the mess… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  Nibble + Squeak host spectacular meals at top London restaurants for like minded parents.  And children are most welcome.

6. The city dweller

Many people leave the city when they have children because houses outside of the city tend to offer more rooms and space for money.  State schooling tends to be better and it’s generally more child friendly.  But that doesn’t mean you have to give up living in a city if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle.  Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to move immediately either, if anything a baby should be able to slip right on into your city living lives with ease until the day where you really do require more space (be it an extra bedroom or a garden).  It’s recommend that babies stay in the parents room in a cot until the age of one, so that gives you time to see if city living is still something that appeals to you.

7. The friendship circle

Remember those days when you used to go for a meal with your friends and hours later you’d come stumbling in without a care in the world? Well that can still be a possibility.  But these days I much prefer the day time dalliance.  It means my friends without kids can still enjoy those evenings out that I can’t really participate in, but I don’t have to miss out entirely.

While I love a drink when I’m out, there’s nothing worse then parenting on a hangover, so those all night sessions are just not for me anymore.  Instead meeting up for brunch, having a few cocktails and waltzing home before bedtime suits me perfectly.  Actually I prefer it full stop.  If the occasion is right sometimes the littles can come with me.  But I prefer to arrange it on a day that I know I can escape them 😉

8. The pampering parlour

It can be hard to enjoy a pamper session when you have children.  It’s not as easy as just heading to the hairdressers for a simple haircut or blow dry.  You need to arrange full on childcare. Blo Bar in London have a creche to help with this issue and if you’re worried you can even keep an eye on them through the provided tablets.  Another way  is to consider a mobile therapist or hairdresser, but ask around your area for advice on who is recommended.  If you can’t get to them, bring them to you 😉

9. The festival goer

Certain festivals will be a no go.  But many of them are actually really child friendly.  Take a look at Latitude, Larmer Tree Festival, Camp Bestival, The Big Festival and Wilderness to get you started.  But to be honest check out the ones you’ve loved in the past and see if it has an area for children.. many of them do!

10. The fashionista 

Nothing kills your fashion sense like having children.  But once the fog has lifted and you’re ready to delve back into the world of fashion you may suddenly realise the struggle of shopping with a baby in tow.  I buy everything online these days and get things delivered to my local stores so I just have to walk in and pick them up or I get bulk ASOS deliveries.  I love being able to try things on at home and send back things that look god awful on me.  Plus I find I’m much more adventurous because I have more confidence trying things on at home and critiquing myself without being under the watchful eye of anybody else.



  1. I love this! There are so many things that you can still do with kids. i am all for them slotting into your life, rather than them taking over x

    • For sure! I think that way you get to retain who you are and just adapt things slightly 🙂

  2. Life doesn’t have to stop when you have kids. It just means you have more people to share your passion with. I think we should keep the hobbies and interests because that allows us to keep our sense of self.

    • Definitely,and it’s when we give those up that suddenly you become lost

  3. What a fabulous view-point post highlighting in facing the responsibilities of guiding your little ‘Prince & Princess’ through life’s jigsaw & having great fun at the same time. You are a super Mum & ‘you are still the same charismatic you’ … & still a big kid ya’self hahaha! (So am I so I’ve been told countless times ha.) Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I don’t think it’s long until we hit the ‘you’re embarrassing me mum’ phase.. I can’t wait 😉

      • Oh no, no no LondonMum - not ‘j-j-u-u-s-s-t-t’ yet … he’s got miles of smiles & tonnes of big boy hugs left for his Mum - before she becomes ultra-embarrassing … then (gulp) … God ‘elp ‘im hahaha. (Don’t forget to wipe his face with the licked corner of the mumsie hanky in front of his buddies ha! – then you’ll register on the ‘Oh Mum, you’re ssooo embarrassing-ometer’ ha.) Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

        • I did actually do a spit face clean the other day lol. unfortunately the old hanky was no where to be found. So it was a lick my finger ad rub kind of job which is possibly worse lol.

  4. This is such a good reminder for parents that things don’t need to be discarded just because you have kids, you can still do the things you love x

  5. I have got 2 kids myself so I know the feeling when you think all your freedom is gone and you can’t do things anymore..but the trust is all you need is time to adjust to things…well it was for me anyway..and soon I got back into the swing of things.

    • It’s funny because that freedom comes back in little waves as they get to the next stage. But then you miss the previous stage lol

  6. So true! I hate that people think you have to give things up when you have kids. Sure, your priorities do change but still important to make time for yourself

    • So important. My fear is that the day my children leave home I might not know who I am, so it’s important for me to make sure I live my life alongside theirs

  7. #11 unbroken things. Ever since I had kids everything seems to be broken ALL THE TIME! You can almost set a timer and place bets when something unbroken is brought into the house; how long will it stay new?

  8. Totally agree! Kids enhance your life, not change it. Sure they make you hit pause for a while and maybe reevaluate what your wishlist contains, but there is no reason why you can’t do what you want and take them with you!

    • Exactly! I love experiencing life with my kids. I wouldn’t get half as much enjoyment if all we did was solely kid related soft plays eeeekkkkkk..

  9. I will share this post with a friend of mine who just had a baby and she is very overwhelmed. Her social life is all gone and when she does go out to the local restaurant, if the baby cries she goes back home with him.

    • Oh bless her. The thing is we’ve all been there so I totally understand why she does this. But she’ll become more comfortable with the changes and she’ll start to feel more herself again. The first baby is the hardest because of the huge changes overnight. My advice for a crying baby? If she’s tried everything (feeding, nappy, cuddling etc) then he’s probably just tired. A little walk in his pram and he should fall asleep, and if he doesn’t she shouldn’t worry too much. I think as mums we hear their cries and it sounds so much louder than the reality. Everyone in the restaurant either has their own kids or some experience with kids and of course they were all kids themselves once too. If she gets any ‘looks’ you just have to hope that one day that person gets ‘blessed’ with a real screamer of a baby. lol.

  10. Having kids does alter your life but not sure I would even want to pull an all-nighter these days LOL

    • Oh no.. the idea just fills me with dread. I’m quite happy being in bed at 8pm with a boxset to watch lol

  11. I can really relate to this and there are some many other options out there for parents so we can still live very young lives but enjoying the life of a parent as well

    • For sure, there is something for every form of activity for a new mum or dad… sometimes it takes a good amount of research but something out there will definitely suit them

  12. Brilliant post I was so tired if people telling me.what I would no longer be able to do we lived in Paris for 4 years and the culture there is you take your children to nice restaurants and you wear nice clothes

    • I have to say if I lived my life like I’m ‘expected’ too I’d be so miserable. I love involving my kids with the things I love doing. It’s fun!

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