Natural History Museum by night

So now that I’m just getting larger and larger (a man asked me today when my baby was due and when I told him December he was actually shocked at how big I was… I’m blaming it all on the fact that I’m quite petite so the baby can only grow out and not up!) my Friday nights have somewhat changed a little.  Instead of having a girly night out with my friends, myself and MrLondonMum thought we’d be a little cultural and take in London by night.

Specifically The Natural History Museum who were holding an afterhours event running from 4pm to midnight.


With free admission as well it sounded like a plan!

We turned up at around about 7pm parking on an adjacent road for free (that’s a bonus in London), and headed into the Museum.


I was actually surprised at how packed it was.  So many people had attended this event.  For one night only the Natural History Museum opened their doors until late and gave individuals an up close and personal view of what goes on at the museum and behind the scenes including holding tours and talks throughout the museum all evening.

Families were there, party goers were there (before a night out), proper full on science lovers were there, tourists were there and stragglers like myself and MrLondonMum were there.


As soon as you walk into the Natural History Museum you’re face to face with a dinosaur- well the dinosaur’s bones anyway.  Pretty damn impressive!


Everywhere people were mingling with scientists topping up on drinks at the various bars and we were free to wander about with our drinks and see what the Natural History Museum was all about.  We were able to talk to scientists who had set up stands around the museum in the various different science stations such as evolution, extinction, and oceans.


(The evolution of the human from 7 million years ago to today)

Just imagine if I was able to drink… and seeing some of the amazing things that are within the Natural History Museum.  How incredible and mind trippy!


(The now extinct giant Ground Sloth- such a shame they don’t exist anymore, they were HUGE! And personally I love sloth’s so a huge one would be so so cute)


(The reason behind the Cyclopes myth… turns out the central eye hole opening in this skull is actually the location of where a trunk would have been.  So the one-eyed Cyclopes was actually a distant relative of the elephant.  Although I’m going to pretend I don’t know that because the myth is so much more entertaining!)

After some perusing around the museum, we decided to rest our feet and get ourselves some food.  So straight to the museum restaurant we waddled.  Well I waddled at least.

The food was actually surprisingly good, we ordered a garlic mushroom and baby spinach pizza that was freshly made and stone oven baked.


The only let down really was the drinks.  At £1.80 something for a coke and a £2.70 something for an apple juice you do expect more than a small plastic cup with said drink and lots of ice inside.  So four gulps later and the drinks were gone.  Obviously there is always a mark up price, that’s understandable, but for those prices you expect a can of coke at least and a large apple juice!

However you can ask for a bottle of tap water and there are water fountains around the museum if you are thirsty and don’t want to pay over the odds for a soft drink.

We again walked around the museum wandering in and out of the different exhibitions and seeing some amazing things.



And then we called it a night.  MrLondonMum had been up since 5am for work and I’m rather hefty these days so tire easily.  So back to the car and home we headed.  Cultural night was a success!


(Brushed checked shirt by Miss Selfridge and Lipstick in shade Rio Rio by topshop)

2 thoughts on “Natural History Museum by night

  1. I love the Natural History Museum. The magazine I worked for used to host their Fashion Awards nights there. It was very surreal eating a three course dinner next to a giant dinosaur skeleton! We have been with the kids but after reading this I think we’re due another visit soon. X

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