Pumpkin pie y’all!

Let’s be honest, the Americans have somewhat managed to steal October in the UK.  I don’t remember Halloween being such a big deal when I was younger.

In fact as children my sister and I weren’t allowed to trick or treat because my parents saw it as a form of begging.  At the same time we were rarely bothered by trick or treaters either.  In fact it only happened once, my Mother opened the door to two of the boys that lived opposite us who joyfully screamed ‘trick or treat’ to which she replied ‘sorry we don’t have any sweets’ and shut the door.  Not quite the treat the boys were hoping for or the chance for the trick option either.

I’m still not a fan of the whole trick or treat thing but the one thing I am glad about is the influx of pumpkin flavoured treats in October.  Who can honestly deny the luxury of a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks?

So I made it my mission today to make a pumpkin pie, old USA style!

(Living in London means moving frequently for some reason and during one transition I’ve lost my scales, so I measure everything in a Pyrex measuring jug.  Liquid and dry ingredients!)


photo 1

1x Ready made sweet pastry (I’m a novice don’t you know)

1x Can of pure pumpkin (425g in a can, use fresh pumpkin if you’re carving lanterns so you don’t waste the flesh!)

1/2 Pint of evaporated milk

photo 4

2x Eggs

1 Teaspoon of ground cinnamon (I had to grind mine with a pestle and mortar, it was much finer by the time I’d finished with it then shown in the picture below)

photo 11

1/4 Teaspoon of ground ginger

1/4 Teaspoon ground cloves (again good old grinding with the pestle and mortar)

6 fl. oz Granulated brown sugar (yes I know it’s not a fluid but it works!)

photo 3


1.  Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

2.  In a large bowl mix up all the ingredients (not the pastry).

photo 6

photo 7

3.  Take pastry out of packet and place on baking tray and fill with the pumpkin mixture.

photo 8

4.  Bake in the oven for 50 minutes.  When a fork is inserted into the centre of the pie after baking it should come out clean.

photo 9

That’s it.  Easy peasy!

Let the pie cool down and then slice a nice big triangle for yourself and settle down to a good old piece of ‘TheLondonMama’s Pumpkin Pie. ’

photo 10

I do love some of the American influences, but you still can’t take the British out of me.  I ate my pumpkin pie with a steaming cuppa while catching up on Geordie Shore and Don’t Tell The Bride.  I know I should be ashamed… :)

Pain point: How to dress for your body type #PetiteFashionWeek

So what are my petite issues?

  1. I’m a UK size 6 when not pregnant so I’m very slim.
  2. I’m particularly busty! At one point I ended up a G cup! (Thanks contraceptive pill)

I know I’m not the only one out there with these problems, but fashion for the petite is hard enough without adding large bozongas into the equation.  Look at the runways at fashion week.  Big boobs have no place!

So through trial and error I’ll share the tips that I find work well for me.

Firstly I’d like to say that fashion is an art and people like and choose to wear different pieces of fashion.  So what one person likes another might detest.

For me when it comes to style I like to look feminine, casual, groomed and most importantly I need to feel comfortable.

Most high street stores now cater for the petite individual, but the ranges aren’t particularly extensive.  And still you have to pick items that suit your body type.

These are my must when it comes to buying for my body shape, so for all you busty petites out there take heed!

  1. Don’t buy anything too voluminous or shapeless, fitted is better as it accentuates the slim waist and frame.
  2. A bit of skin is a petite persons saviour.  Too much fabric and we look swamped.  So careful with maxi dresses.
  3. Heels will make us look longer and leaner.  So ankle boots with a bit of a heel are great casual shoes.
  4. Prints and patterns up top just don’t work, stick to one coloured or minimal fuss tops as prints draw the eye up top straight to your boob line.
  5. Don’t buy clothing with ruffles up top either as again this will just enlarge your breasts even more.
  6. Always buy clothing that will hide your bra.  Strapless bras just don’t support extremely large chests and when worn under an outfit can make your chest appear ‘saggy’ through lack of support.  Better to be comfortable and wear a properly fitted bra that you don’t have to hoist up continuously and hide the straps with sensible clothing options.
  7. NEVER buy high neck tops or dresses.  It’ll focus everyone’s eyes straight to those gargantuan orbs and make you look out of proportion.  So dresses and tops NEED to reveal your décolletage.

So instead of a LBD like this (great for petite non busty girls):


Try a LBD like this:


The ribbon around the middle shows off your petite waist and the V neck top accentuates your neck and collar bones instead of your boobs.

Here I am in one of my little black dresses, pre-pregnancy.  Although the neck line is high because it’s lace it allows a flash of skin beneath so draws the eye line to the whole outfit, particularly my legs which are bare.

Now if I look specifically at the trends during London Fashion Week most of the actual trends just won’t suit a petite busty woman.  The cocoon shaped coats, although gorgeous will just swamp our bodies so instead of the much lusted after M&S coat (which will be long and shapeless against petite frames):


Try a more fitted coat that isn’t too long such as this coat  from Topshop which sticks to the pastel colour scheme but has a more defined waist and a slimmer cut.


Another big trend on the catwalk was tartan.  A printed material so possibly difficult for the petite busty woman, but just remember the rules.  Nothing fussy up top, so maybe go with tartan trousers or a skirt and a plain top.


Here I’m wearing a tartan red skirt with a denim shirt where I’ve rolled up the sleeves for more skin show, all pulled in at the middle with a skinny belt.  I wore this outfit for Burn’s Night this year again pre-pregnancy!  The top doesn’t have to be as revealing up top simply because the eye is drawn down to the print of the skirt.  But the top button is still undone to accentuate my neck and collar area.

I really hope I’ve helped some of you out with fashion choices and trends especially if you are petite and busty.  But fashion like I said is an individual thing so don’t feel like you have to follow trends.  Just wear what you feel suits you and makes you who you are.  That’s real fashion.  Have fun with it, and play dress up! :)