Halloween make up and keeping the costume cheap!

Being pregnant, I really don’t want to spend money on items that I’m not really going to use again.  So buying a specific Halloween outfit for an engagement Halloween themed party tonight to fit my burgeoning belly just wasn’t going to be cost effective.  Plus as those of you that have children know, those little things are pretty expensive so you learn to cut costs where you can!

So to keep costs down I thought I’d go as a black cat tonight.  Most the effort would be the make up, as the outfit is simply going to be all black.  The only thing I bought for my look was a £3.00 Halloween cat accessories pack from Tesco’s which includes cat ears, a tail and a bow collar.  (I’m trying to link to the pack but can’t find it online).

This post anyway is really about the make up side of things…

So to do my make up, I started off with making sure my base was taken care of.  I’m sure you all have your own ways on how to make sure your base is flawless.  In my case I use three items at the moment.

Halloween 176

1. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC42- I squirt a bit out onto the back of my hand and using a foundation brush I brush it over the bits I think need concealing.

2. Estee Lauder double Wear in Shell Beige- The BEST foundation on the market.  I swipe a bit of the foundation on both my cheeks, chin and forehead and again use my foundation brush to blend it all in making sure I bring it past my jaw line and up into my hair-line.

3. Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator- Due to the pregnancy I’m starting to get dark shadows under my eyes.  I blame the numerous wee breaks at night-time! So I put a bit of the eye illuminator on the back of my hand and again using my foundation brush make sure it’s used under the eye, blending it in with the foundation and concealer on the back of my hand if needs be.

I then set those products with a light dusting of a soft matt bronzer by Estee Lauder called Bronze Goddess.

After my base is complete, I like to make sure I have cheeks and cheekbones.  This is a two-step process.

Halloween 179

1. Estee Lauder Bronze  Powder Bronzer- Again using the bronzer I make sure there’s a bit more colour on my bronzing brush, suck in my cheeks and apply the colour just under the cheekbones.  I then bring the colour down to my jaw line and underneath it and up around my eyebrows.  Basically you want to make a number 3 on your face with the bronzing brush.  The top part of the three starting above the eyebrow, the middle part of the 3 being just under your cheekbones and the lower part of the three being under the jaw line.

2. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in Pink Tease- smile and apply the blush colour onto the apples of your cheeks.  This is a very cool pigmented pink which I quite like for the winter months.

Now the dreaded part, the eyes:

Halloween 178

1. Mac Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Sweet Satisfaction- Apply this all of the eyelids and up to the brow bone.

Now apply a bit of tissue next to your outer eye so it creates a V shape to apply the darker shadow to create a cat like shadowing.

Halloween 182


(This was after I did all the make up but just to show you what I mean)

2. Mac Eyeshadow in Embark- this was the darker colour I used to contour the crease.  Blend blend blend.

3. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black- the best waterproof liquid liner.  Again using the tissue technique draw a line where the tissue wings out and then using that as where the cat eye wings up bring it down to eyeline the whole of the top eyelid bringing the eyeliner slightly past the tear duct.

4. Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay in Place Eye Pencil in Onyx- use this on the waterline on both eyes and then using the stila liquid eyeliner join up the corners on the inner eye to the corners you’ve just created on the top lash line by the tear duct.

5. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Extreme Black- curl eyelashes and then apply the mascara.

Now after creating a feline looking eye it’s time create the rest of the cat look.

Halloween 143

1. Using the Estee Lauder pencil draw a slight heart shape on the nose and colour in.  Then draw an upside down triangle between the nose and the top lip and colour that in.

2. Using the Stila liquid liner dot around the upper lip and draw whiskers onto your cheeks.

Halloween 155


Halloween 180

After that, just apply you’re favourite red lipstick! As you know, my current fave is Rio Rio from Topshop.

Cat make up complete.

With my hair I straightened it all over and gave myself a slight beehive to give it some oomph and then used the accessories pack from Tesco’s to complete the look!

Halloween 159


Halloween 163

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