Duck and Waffle, before 2 becomes 3!

With the birth of our little boy not too far away, myself and MrLondonMum thought it would be a good time to head out for our last luxurious meal before our twosome family suddenly has an additional member!



(Maternity Dress: New Look, T-Bar Shoes: Miss Selfridge)

We’re both big foodies, and love trying new things and going to new places.  We’d heard some great reviews about Duck and Waffle, and with Daniel Doherty; the executive chef, actively putting up pictures of the fois gras creme brulee with lobster on his twitter page I knew we’d have to go along.  (Not that I’d be able to try this as it’s a no no in my condition!).



(The open kitchen at Duck and Waffle)

After getting a taxi to the Heron Tower (and having a Marilyn Monroe moment where the wind picked up my dress and flashed my rather unflattering humongous pink knickers to everyone as I got out of the cab), we walked towards the entrance of The Duck and Waffle.  The entrance really just leads you to the glass lifts which will rocket you up 40 floors where the dining experience awaits.



(At the top)

With nausea making it’s comeback at the moment, the lift did make me feel a tad bit queasy whereas it made MrLondonMum feel like James Bond (typical huh?!).

We walked through the bar to where the restaurant was located at the back, our coats were taken off us and we were shown to our seats.

Being on the 40th floor the view is just spectacular.  London is just sprawled out around you from the three floor to ceiling windows that surround the restaurant.  Try and get a two person table next to a window if you book to visit.



(It’s really hard taking pictures through a glass window when you get reflections from the lights in the room! But check out St. Paul’s Cathedral!))

After being seated, (unfortunately not by a window probably because we booked quite late), we were given our menus/wine list/water.

Journals 018

MrLondonMum ordered himself some wine while I went for a good old virgin Mojito.  Delish!


The menu at Duck and Waffle actively promotes sharing in a tapas style way.  You pick various dishes from the menu and it comes out to the table as and when it’s cooked for everyone to tuck into.

There were so many delicious things on the menu that I couldn’t have which was such a shame, but not wanting MrLondonMum to miss out I let him order anything he’d want irrelevant of what I was able to eat.  And then I added my few bits on top that I could definitely eat.

So we ordered:

BBQ spiced crispy pig ears.


Raw fillet of Angus beef with fois gras, truffle and pecorino (MrLondonMum only).

DSCN2491 DSCN2493b

Fois Gras Creme Brulee with butter roasted Scottish Lobster (MrLondonMum again, although I did steal some of the lobster).


Roasted octopus with chorizo, potatoes, lemon and capers.


Spicy ox cheek doughnuts with apricot jam.

DSCN2515 DSCN2517

and the signature Duck and Waffle; crispy leg confit, fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup.

DSCN2505 DSCN2506

What can I say, we picked ourselves a spread.

I loved the octopus dish and the Duck and Waffle.  They were my favourite dishes, whereas MrLondonMum’s favourite dishes were the two items I couldn’t try.  He devoured the fois gras creme brulee and said even if it was meant for sharing he didn’t think he’d be able to allow anyone else the chance to tuck in.  And the raw beef although it looked particularly small when it came out was just heaven on a plate for him.

The pig ears were a bit like pork scratchings, they were tasty and great to have on the table to dip into.  But neither of us were particularly keen on the ox doughnut.  The doughnut itself was spectacular, beautifully cooked.  But I’m not sure the spicy ox filling really complimented the overall taste.

If I had to describe the eating experience at Duck and Waffle I’d say it was a fusion of different typical eating habits.  ie. Breakfast being fused with dinner to create the Duck and Waffle, dessert being fused with dinner for the ox doughnuts.  Dessert and dinner again for the fois gras creme brulee… it’s surprising how well this actually works!

Even though the food we’d picked filled us up quite substantially, I couldn’t forgo dessert…


…even if it meant feeling sick on the lift ride back down to ground level.

But instead of picking something quite heavy and pudding based like I would normally I actually decided to go for two sorbets and an ice-cream.  Wanting to try new flavours I refused to go for the typical choices and went for a scoop of tarragon and creme fraiche sorbet, a scoop of coconut and lime sorbet and finally a scoop of sesame ice-cream.

DSCN2523 DSCN2525

Who knew all three would be hits! Coconut and lime I knew would work.. but I wasn’t entirely sure on the other two flavours until I tried them.

Duck and Waffle is definitely a place I’d recommend, it has great food and if you go as a couple it makes a great date night, but it would also be great with more on a table because of the way the food is laid out.  It presents itself as a sociable experience.  It doesn’t come cheap though, so maybe a bigger group would be better as costs would be split.  For us it was worth it it, time for our next chapter to start soon!


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