Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks and 3 days

(Cardigan/coat from Miss Selfridge, Maternity T shirt from Topshop, Boots from Miss Selfridge)
How far Along?
Well he’s full term next Monday!! (37 weeks) and then it’s a waiting game.  He’s not due until 40 weeks but you just never know when they might turn up! So officially 3 weeks and 4 days left!
How am I feeling?
I’m actually a bit nervous this week, only because MrLondonMum is away from today until Sunday afternoon for work… in Poland!!! He’s on red alert so if anything happens it’ll be his mission to get back here on time.  But with one direct Ryanair flight a day I’m hoping little one just stays content and put!  There are indirect flights but they range from 5 hours to 13 hours plus.  We’ve even checked the AA route planner and figured he could be back in 12-14 hours by car.  When he mentioned his work trip months ago we both thought it would be ages away from the birth so it’d be fine.  It was only recently that we realised the timing is a bit tight!
Other than that I’m not feeling too bad.  I have a bit more energy this week- although I am taking it easy still.  If I do run around I end up with bad back ache and MrLondonMum’s massages have something left to be desired! Really someone please teach him!
No measuring scales, but the tape measure is reading 39.5 inches, so actually down 1/2 inch.. is that normal? I have a midwife appointment next Tuesday so I’ll double-check.  But baby seems happy, he’s moving fine and I’ve had nothing which indicates there might be a problem.  It could be that he’s now fully grown and is just maturing for the birth.
Stretch marks?
No stretch marks still.  This week after going to the Champney’s resort for a pregnancy retreat (read about it tomorrow) I’ve been using one of the stretch mark oils given to us.  It’s the ‘Champney’s Blissful Bump Stretch Mark Body Oil,‘  it’s gorgeous.  It has a gingery smell which I love and it feels nice on the bump.  So I’ll be using that for a while I think! I’ve kept to using the cocoa butter moisturisng stick from The Body Shop at night though because it’s by my bed and I always forget to apply anything at night and usually I can’t be bothered to get back out of bed once I’m in it.
What do I miss?
Just sleeping how I’d want to and sleeping throughout the night and not having to get up to use the bathroom.  Other than that nothing’s really bothering me.  Maybe it’s because I know I’m so close to the end!
I can feel the baby is really low down.  At least I think that’s what I’m feeling.  I tried to describe it to MrLondonMum last night and said my pelvis felt like a nutcracker with a walnut permanently stuck there!
Good old braxton hicks still, but they haven’t been too bad this week, or maybe I’m just getting used to them now?
In fact my symptoms have really eased off a lot.  Baby is fine though I can feel him wriggling about as I type.
Hot buttered crumpets… mmmmmmm
Highlights of the week?
It has to be the pregnancy retreat at Champney’s.  I’ll be telling you all about it tomorrow but it was such a nice treat this far into my pregnancy.

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