Children’s Christmas stocking fillers

I’ve been thinking about good Christmas stocking fillers recently, smaller presents that that are quirky, different or interesting for children to find on Christmas morning in amongst the traditional satsuma, nuts and gold chocolate coins.

There are a couple of items I think would be suitable and fun!  


I actually got sent the Constructive Eating Set by Iwoot and immediately I thought what a great stocking filler for a toddler.  It’ll certainly make dinner time much more fun! It costs £11.99, and lets be honest, it’ll encourage even the fussiest of eaters to sit down and practice their eating skills.

The packet includes a spoon, a fork and a ‘pusher’ which is used to help push food such as rice, mash or peas onto the cutlery pieces.  All the pieces are designed to look like vehicles used on a building site and are bright yellow, so they’re immediately attractive to children.

The constructive Eating Set has also won loads of awards so it’s a good little filler for that stocking!


Another item I think would be great as a stocking filler is the Mumsnet and Gransnet ‘Book of Bedtime Stories.’  There are ten different stories in this book which retails at £14.99.  Out of four hundred entries, Michael Rosen (former Children’s Laureate) picked the 10 winning entries and compiled them to create this beautifully crafted night time story book.

It’s filled with wonderful illustrations and nice length stories to see your children drift off to a nice slumber.  Suitable for children of all ages there is something for everyone, and it’s highly entertaining with some good life lessons in there too.  (All very subtly portrayed such as the story of Polly the cow jumping over the moon and how she achieves her dream by never giving up and finding a rather spectacular way of conquering that dream).

It’s a wonderful book and a great addition to any nursery or playroom book shelf.


You can’t fail to put a good Christmas movie into your child’s stocking.  There are many many movies that are brilliant but the one I’m going for is Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas.  The reason being is at the end of the movie (which is all about Father Christmas) there is a cute little boy singing ‘Poor Old Father Christmas’ … well that’ll be a 7 year old MrLondonMum.  So that movie will become a Christmas tradition in our household ;)

The DVD can be bought dirt cheap now, or you can watch the full length on youtube:

(MrLondonMum kicks off his act at 24:43 minutes in)

PicMonkey Collage

Finally chocolates are as essential as toys for children on Christmas Day, having tried the chocolates from ChoconChoc I can vouch for their scrumminess.  Not only do they taste and look amazing, but you can choose one of the many designs available as your gift.  So you can pick up a box like I had, or you can pick a solid snowman or even get an igloo (I really want the igloo, there’s a little family of 10 penguins nestled inside to find!).  There are plentiful choices, so it’ll be hard to pick just one!  The chocolate is great quality as well and I like to think of myself as a chocolate connoisseur!!

ChoconChoc is a British brand as well, so another reason to buy!

Check out the video for the brand..


I wish I hadn’t watched it now because I’m craving more of their chocolate!

I hope I managed to show you a few things of interest for your children, as you know there are many things on the market at Christmas time.  These are just four gifts that I think will make a great addition to go inside the good old Christmas stocking!  

And don’t forget every child’s favourite- the satsuma! ;)

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