Secret Santa

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I love Secret Santa gifts between friends, it makes life so much easier doesn’t it?

Instead of buying a gift for every single person you know and spending a fortune, a pre-planned Secret Santa is always a bit more thrilling.

Who will you pick out of the hat? what will you buy them? will you be able to pick something suitable?

On the flip side, who will get you? what will they buy you? Oooo all the questions! But it’s that build up that makes it so exciting.

The bonus with Secret Santa is that a budget is usually put in place.  Between my friends we’ve put down a £20.00 budget.  Rules are you can buy anything but it can’t be more than £20.00.

I think the best Secret Santa gifts are the ones that have various parts to them.  For me one part of the gift has to be something silly, quirky or amusing.  The other half has to be something a bit more useful and serious.

Luckily for me I was asked to take a look at Hawkin’s Bazaar and give my thoughts on it.  First off, it’s amazing for the quirky aspect of a Secret Santa and secondly it’s cheap!  First part of the Secret Santa perfect gift ticked!

(It also stocks the much wanted Robo Fish as advertised in the Daily Mail.. out of my budget for Secret Santa but if you’re looking they’re here!!)

They even have an actual section of the website dedicated to Secret Santa gifts, taking the hard task of finding something out of your hands!

With so much to choose from these are the bits I liked the look of best for various reasons…

Russian Roulette Chocolates

The Russian Roulette chocolates for £6.00.  Something you can actually play with all your friends on present giving night and laugh at the poor loser who picks the chilli while the rest of you get yummy chocolate! Oh I’m so evil…

Sexy Advent Calendar

For that saucy friend or single friend this would perk up every day until Christmas day… I know the exact person I’d give this to ;)

This advent calendar is also just £6.00. 

Which Witchetty Grubs

For the obsessed I’m a Celebrity fan! And another game type gift you can play with all your friends… just imagine the picture of the poor unfortunate person that gets the tripe whitchetty grub instead of the yummy toffee one! Sod’s law says it would be me! I’m a Celebrity Which Witchetty Grub’s for £7.00.

Smart phone Touch Screen Gloves

For the smartphone obsessive (otherwise known as me) these Smart Phone Touch Screen Gloves would be oh so useful! Especially at just £8.00.

Now we move onto the more serious aspect of the Secret Santa gift and this really comes down to who you’re buying for.  For the person I have this year I’ll be making up the rest of the present by buying her one of the following items or something similar…


Yankee Candle Perfect Pillar in Black Cherry from Yankee Doodle for £13.50

641340_back 641340_main

Silver Tone Flower Diamante Hair Chain Crown from River Island for £8.00


Cream Faux Fur Headband from Miss Selfridge for £16.00.

Are you doing a Secret Santa this year? What kind of gifts do you tend to pick up for your Secret Santa?

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