Mothercare Christmas VIP Launch Party, Oxford Street

Lucky lucky me is all I can say. I was invited along to the VIP Christmas launch party for Mothercare’s flagship store on Oxford Street in London along with some big names!

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(Jumper: River Island)

And what a place for all parents and parents to be.  It’s full to the brim with everything you could possibly need or want!

For the pregnant mother there is a whole section dedicated to pregnancy wear including the all important lingerie and correct fitting services.

For the upcoming arrival of a baby they have everything! From the cutest clothes (and value pack clothing for bulk buying) to essential items.  (I picked myself up a baby changing mat at the launch as that’s the one thing I haven’t so far gotten around to buying- I think I’ve been refusing to admit it might be a necessity to change my baby when he gets here!).


(If the baby arrives before Christmas, I’m going to buy him the reindeer outfit, I absolutely love it!)

For the child they have toys for all age groups, clothes of course and even a Clark’s shoe section- quite possibly the one shoe brand all parents trust when it comes to children’s footwear.  I still remember the days when I used to get taken to Clark’s for some new shoes and having my feet properly measured.  Magic Steps were the rage back then for girls- anyone remember them?

If I wasn’t so far along in my pregnancy I know I’d have gone crazy and purchased everything! But with most things now covered I was able to just look at some of the beautiful items that were in store and plan what I’d buy for our baby if he arrives in time for Christmas or for the next baby :)

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I really liked the pram selection this particular Mothercare housed.  I know when we were searching for prams we were rather limited by what was in the department store we went to.  We chose the Uppababy Vista but ordered it online because we hated the in store colour.  We are extremely happy with our choice of pram but the choices we had just weren’t as plentiful as they are in the Oxford Street Mothercare.  They even have the new Stokke Crusi, which I love the look of.  Especially with it’s fur lining (sold separately) which was so soft to touch, and later on should another little one pop out it can be turned into a double buggy.

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But the one pram I lust over, and still lust over is this old school one from Silver Cross.


It’s the pram of my dreams! And one day… oh yes one day I’ll have it.  In my head I’ll have it when myself and MrLondonMum live in a gorgeous country cottage and all I do is go on picnic jaunts and stroll around the local village.  Oh if only!

To me though it’s not just a pram, it’s a piece of furniture that you could have in the house for the baby to nap in and later house toys in.  It’s just gorgeous.

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Anyway I’m slightly going off topic and daydreaming now… back to the launch!

All the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly.  Honestly they couldn’t have done more.  I spoke to a variety of them and they were so helpful and kind, remembering who I was and making sure I knew where things were.  Considering the number of guests, to have staff remember you is amazing, one came up to me later on in the evening to see if I had checked out the baby changing mats yet as she knew that was the one item I needed to tick off my list!

Drinks were freely available, canapes were circulating the room, as was the CEO of Mothercare, Simon Calver who kick started the speeches.

Myleene Klass, (a fellow half Filipina; you have no idea how happy that makes my Mum!), was the celebrity spokesperson of the night, giving a speech about the work and effort that went into the relaunch.  She used personal anecdotes to really portray the need for a Mothercare that houses everything in one space.  And of course let everyone know to go and have a look at her new Baby K range- now in its 8th season.  (She thanked everyone at Mothercare for allowing her to create what she loves using fabrics and prints that others might not necessarily allow her to use, finally a celebrity range that the celebrity has control over).

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Rachel Steven’s was also there, I was so jealous of how well she carries pregnancy.  In terms of pregnancy fashion she’s the person to emulate.  She was so friendly and nice chatting to me for a while about my pregnancy and wishing me well with it.  Complementing my neat bump.  (People say neat- I still think fat!).


But no one.. NO ONE can top off Father Christmas being in the building.  All the children at Mothercare stopped as soon as they heard Santa’s bells and were so eager to go see him.  As my little one has yet to be born I felt I should stand back and allow the children to have their time with him.

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As far as a Mothercare goes or in fact pregnancy/baby/children shopping goes, the new store on Oxford Street really is your one stop shop.  It is an 8000 square ft store that has everything.  Even little gift momentos such as getting hand and foot castings done for your newborn can be purchased in store.  I’m trying to think what they don’t have but really there is nothing.  It’ll take you from pregnancy all the way up until your child is eight.  So if you like the ease of having everything under one roof for all your bits and bobs I would recommend you take a visit yourself.

Address: 515 Oxford Street, London.  Nearest tube: Marble Arch.

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