Nikon D3200 practice at Southbank Christmas Market.

I am loving my camera, and learning all about it.  Last week I went out and used the auto camera setting.  This week I wanted to see what kind of pictures I could take using the ‘non flash auto setting.’  (The symbol on the dial is a squiggly downwards arrow with a circle around it and a diagonal line going through the middle.)


This setting is perfect for your Christmas pictures, capturing the lights and colours of Christmas.  So I thought I’d pop down to London’s Southbank Christmas Market and use that one setting to see what I would come up with… (the above picture was taken just before heading home again, I love the fact it looks black and white with pops of colour but it’s had no editing.)

The things to know with this setting:

1. What you see in terms of lighting will be the same in the camera translation.  So a beautiful sunset will show all the colours.  The colours of the lights on the Christmas tree will look how it’s supposed to!  What’s dark stays dark and artificial light really shows.  Same goes though for if it’s a dull overcast grey day.  The pictures will show that.

2. The darker it gets at night-time the blurrier the image will become if you are taking pictures of moving objects.  A tripod would be handy here as you need to try to keep as steady as possible.  Although some pictures look great with a blur to them ie. traffic pictures.

So with that in mind here are some pictures from the Southbank Christmas Market at different times in the day so you can see how the colour translates.


This was when we arrived at the market so at about 3pm.

PicMonkey Collage

Amazing gingerbread stall.

The two images are near identical but the focus point on each is different.  Big Ben is the focus in one picture while the objects behind Big Ben in the display unit are in focus in the second image.  The non flash setting really just stops any artificial light from the camera being used, but the auto settings are still the same.  So the camera will adjust accordingly.


Gorgeous candle houses.  You can even see the smoke coming out of the chimney from one of the houses.  We had to buy ourselves one of these along with some Christmas essential smelling oil to burn in the chimney of our house.


Lots of delicious stalls to buy food and drinks from.


Sunset over the Houses of Parliament, the colours came out amazing. but about twenty minutes later the colours weren’t as vibrant and were pretty dull!


DSC_0395 PicMonkey Collage1

Christmas tree decorations.


“Chestnuts roasting on an open fireeeeee…..”

The market was so much fun, a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit but not as big as Hyde Park, although I still want to go to Hyde Park one as well, I’m just a bit wary that I’m so large and I get uncomfortable really quickly.  Maybe I’ll go after the baby gets here!

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