The perfect French Mother: Review of Envie de Fraises

I must admit I’m a total Francophile.  It’s bad isn’t it.  Being British we’re taught in the playground to hate the French (it goes both ways but it’s never taken seriously).  But I absolutely love everything French.  To me the French exude style, class, sophistication and great taste.  I even went to a French immersion school in Sancerre a couple of years ago to learn the language (and consume the wine).

So when Envie de Fraises contacted me I was particularly excited.  They are the leading maternity range in France- and let’s be honest French women know how to dress!  As a company they are looking to expand and launch in the UK.  So soon there will be hot totty pregnant women and Mothers walking on British soil too!

As Baby London has already made his appearance I couldn’t really try out the range on my pregnant self (this is probably the only time I wish I was still pregnant… just take a look at the maternity range), but the brand do a lot of nursing wear as well or clothing to take you from pregnancy to nursing.  As I’m still expressing as much as I can in a day nursing wear has become increasingly important.  Especially when I have guests around and need quick easy access to pump away.


This check shirt you really wouldn’t think was made for nursing Mothers.  It’s on trend, looks sophisticated and can be styled in various manners but it’s constructed to allow easy access to those all important breasts!  The buttons undo quite low down and underneath there’s some black fabric that covers your bra so no accidental flashes as you undo the buttons!  The black fabric can be moved up to allow baby or pump to get to that all important milk.

PicMonkey Collage

It’s a design that makes me feel like I can go out for lunch with my friends and not feel ‘Mummy frumpy’ but it’s also practical for my actual Mummy role.  Two birds, one stone and all that!

PicMonkey Collage1

For pure stylish at home comfort I fell in love with the Homewear Kit.  Perfect for nursing and pregnant women, it’s just lazy clothing at its best.  All Mothers know how hard it is at the start of your baby’s life.  You don’t really get out of the house and if you’re still in recovery mode all you want is what I call ‘lounge wear.’  Basically pyjamas that look like clothes so you don’t need to worry about how you look if someone comes over for a visit.



(You’ll have to excuse the post pregnancy belly!)

The Homewear Kit is a three-piece set, a top which works for nursing mothers (a section at the front lifts up), a pair of trousers with an over the belly band- great for pregnant women and c section recovery as I found, and a cardigan for when it’s cooler.


And finally for that celeb style injection for pregnant women, who better for inspiration than Gwen Stefani wearing an Envie de Fraises maternity/nursing dress!  Lets face it if it’s good enough for them then you know it’s top notch for us!


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