6 Weeks Post Partum: The Honest Truth of how I am Physically

If the last post was doom and gloom this one is much worse! I honestly thought I’d snap right back after having a baby.  I mean lets be honest all the celebrities seem to.  However the day after Baby London was born as I was being wheeled down to see him in intensive care someone asked me when my baby was due…

I really didn’t think after having my baby I’d still look pregnant, but I looked full term for days.  Other women on the post natal ward had tummies that made them look perhaps 4/5 months pregnant.. I still looked like I was going to pop one out!

My baby was 8lbs 14oz to be fair, and I’ve always been extremely small framed.

Brazil 2 225a

(My pre-pregnancy body)

At 5ft2 and a size 6 you can only imagine how large I was by the end.

I managed to go through the whole pregnancy without any stretch marks until literally right at the end.  I’m not at all surprised that I have them because I had to stretch to accommodate Baby London.  Not only was he a heavy baby he was also very long.  I really don’t know how he fit inside me, but I do wish the NHS would scan women at the end of their pregnancies because at his size a c-sec could just have been booked in without having to faff about with the induction and the infection I ultimately got after a 24 hour labour.

Now at 6 weeks I still have a belly and a horrible saggy crepe-y tummy.  I don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans yet and I know I have 5kg to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I’m using bio oil on my tummy to hopefully minimise the damage.  My self confidence has plummeted and I feel really unattractive especially to my partner.  I don’t feel comfortable with MrLondonMum seeing me with a stomach like this.

PicMonkey Collage1

I intend to start working out this week, starting off doing some light workouts such as walking, perhaps swimming if I can find the time, and joining a mother baby yoga class.  I’m aiming to do light workouts until I’m 3 months post birth to allow my muscles to recover after the surgery.  I’m also going to be eating well and keeping you updated on my progress!  If it works for me I’m sure I can help others :)

Any tips greatly appreciated!

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