Getting rid of my pregnant belly in association with MuTu and Thinking Slimmer (Week 1)

After posting up some rather revealing post pregnancy pictures of my delightful stomach I was lucky to be contacted by Wendy Powell who is a renowned post natal core restoration specialist who heads MuTu and has helped thousands of women regain their flat tummies through a specially designed programme.

Along with Sandra Roycroft-Davis, who is a Harley Street practitioner and founder of Thinking Slimmer who will oversee my diet they aim to help me lose that paunch and show that women don’t need to just ‘put up’ with the post pregnant belly.  I’m 7 weeks post natal now, but from what I understand this programme works for women who have had children years ago as well.

I’ve decided to document my week by week efforts following the programme so you can see for yourselves if the programme is successful! It’s a 12 week programme and it will take dedication, but the pay off will be getting myself back into a bikini for the summer!

I’ve changed the contents of my fridge, and I’ve ordered some of the pieces I’ll need to help out with the exercise routine.


I’ll use this heading from next week to reveal what I’ve been eating and how I’ve found it.  (Remember I’m a cake fiend, I used to eat cake for breakfast if it was available).  I’ll be honest and tell you if I’ve felt hungry or un-sated.


Again I’ll use this heading from next week to tell you how I’ve found the exercise part of the programme.  I hate gyms so again if you aren’t one for exercise I’ll let you know how I get on, if it works for me you’ll have no excuse either!


I don’t own scales but I’m going to steal some from my Mum next time I visit.  Last week I was 5kg over my pre pregnancy weight (according to one set of scales), on the other set of scales I was 7kg over… so lets say I’m 6kg over.

Length of Paunch

Approx 29cm

Width around my midsection

Approx 78cm


Half foam roller: £7.80

7″ pilates ball: £4.85

Yoga mat and resistance band: I’m getting off my brother in law, he’s a personal trainer and sells resistance bands and has loads of yoga mats spare.  I’ll be sending MrLondonMum to go and pick them up after he finishes work tonight!

Total expenses for equipment: £12.65

PicMonkey CollageHere I am in my pre pregnancy jeans that I still can’t do up! I’ll be wearing them weekly for the same set of four pictures so you can see how I’ve changed.

The stretch marks I’m dealing with bio oil at the moment, but I’ll deal with them properly after this 12 weeks period so I get a true idea of how they look.  I didn’t get them during my pregnancy until right at the end, my little boy was born at 40+6 weeks, at a hefty 8lbs 14oz and as a very petite woman in terms of height and size there was no amount of oil or cream at the end that could have prevented them.  Maybe I’ll do a stretch mark eradication post afterwards testing and trialing what’s on the market :)

(I have been asked to review the MuTu/Thinking Slimmer system, but these are the genuine results and thoughts I have regarding the programme).

3 thoughts on “Getting rid of my pregnant belly in association with MuTu and Thinking Slimmer (Week 1)

  1. Good luck with the programme! I just wanted to say that it is still really early days since you had your baby so you might find that your body just needs a bit of time to get everything back to where it was. Without coming across as bragging (not my intention at all) I found that everything seemed to settle itself on its own after around 3 - 4 months. All of a sudden I was able to fit into all my skinny jeans and normal clothes. 5 - 6 months down the line and I’ve found that I’ve actually somehow (miraculously) managed to drop a dress size or two from my normal size - probably from all the running around and less frequent snacking! So sometimes, maybe all it takes is a bit of time?..

    • I think sometimes it does take more time, I know my paunch is there though because I didn’t continue with breastfeeding, and the muscles down my front split due to the size of my baby. So I’m working on fusing the muscles back together and giving that fat store that would naturally come off with breast feeding a good helping hand :)
      According to my doctor it’s all exercise and diet for me, but with exercise I have to be careful because certain exercises will make it worse because of the muscle split. :(
      But in time I think you’re right your body naturally loses a certain amount as well. xx

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