MuTu and Thinking Slimmer (Week 3)


Again food has been fine, I’m full up and satisfied.  Some of the meals we’ve had this week are: haddock with tomatoes, polenta and kale.  Meatballs with tomatoes,courgettes and olives with wholemeal pasta, turkey in wholemeal pitta bread with salad… like I said and I’m sure you can see this diet isn’t about starving woo hoo! It’s about cooking up and making healthier choices.

The shops are getting cheaper as well as we get smarter ;) We buy meat/fish when the prices are good and stock them in the freezer, so really we just tend to buy vegetables and fruit.  I’m loving cooking in coconut oil too.  I remember I read somewhere once that Miranda Kerr eats four tablespoons of coconut oil a day… if it’s going to make me look like her I’ll never stop using it ;)

I’ve had a few naughty treats this week.  I went to MummyMemories baby shower, and so I had a cupcake.  We were also given a cupcake when leaving the Nutmeg event I went to.  I was starving on the tube on the way home and so I gave in.

I went to visit my parents yesterday as well, and my Mum made me an egg sandwich on white bread.  (She always has mutligrain bread so this surprised me!).  I couldn’t not eat it after she’d made it.  But considering I turned down the chocolate cake and the large amount of chocolates in their house at the moment I don’t think I did too bad.

I’m starting to understand that this isn’t a ‘diet’ it’s a lifestyle change.  I can’t avoid bad foods as they will always be there, but it’s about making the right choices where I can.  And if I can’t or don’t have a healthy option to turn to I need to be aware of what I’m eating so I don’t eat loads of it.  (ie eating one cupcake and not four!).


Week 2 was the same as week one, but also being aware of posture.  So again it’s easy to fit into my lifestlye and is quite nice :)

As you may notice I’ve posted this a day late because I was busy yesterday but I started week 3 yesterday… oh my!! I’ll tell you about it next week though!


I’ve not lost any weight from what I can see, I work in Kg and a quick step on the scales at my Mums shows I’m still 55Kg.

Length of Paunch

26cm (lost 0.5cm/3cm total)

Width around my midsection

Approx 74cm (lost 2cm/total 4cm)


Again no purchases.

Total expenses for equipment: £0.00

PicMonkey Collage

(I have been asked to review the MuTu/Thinking Slimmer system, but these are the genuine results and thoughts I have regarding the programme).

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