MuTu and Thinking Slimmer (Week 5)


The only issue I have with food I’ve realised is when I go out.  I can contorl what I eat and how things are cooked when I’m at home, but when I go out I lack the discipline.  I’ve concluded that once in a while a treat won’t harm.  But to still aim to be as good as I can where possible.

This past weekend I met up with a group of friends and headed down to a gorgeous little pub.  I couldn’t resist the  Sunday roast dinner!  But I did opt for just drinking water…

I’m finding that naughty food cravings are making their appearance this week, but my muffin recipe has managed to curb most of those cravings!


It’s surprising how quickly your body adjusts to the new exercises.  The intensives that I found quite hardcore last week became much easier as the week progressed and I enjoyed doing them.

I’m starting intensive 2 today, which is a step up again from the previous exercises… it’ll be tough on my body for a while!  The online programme is so easy to follow and navigate, I’ve not had any issues knowing what changes occur weekly.

My body is getting a full workout, I’m waking up in the morning and my body feels like I’ve done a good workout.  It’s a great feeling! And I’ve noticed the difference in my confidence.  When I wear clothes you can’t really tell I have a paunch.  I know it’s there but it’s shrinking… it’s disguisable now though ;)


I finally weighed myself and I’ve lost 1.5kg.  Only 3.5kg to lose until I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight.

Length of Paunch

24cm (lost 0cm/5cm total)

The length not changing doesn’t surprise me, I think from now one the length will decrease very slowly as my tummy flattens.

Width around my midsection

Approx 70cm (lost 2cm/total 8cm)


Again no purchases.

Total expenses for equipment: £0.00


(I have been asked to review the MuTu/Thinking Slimmer system, but these are the genuine results and thoughts I have regarding the programme).

2 thoughts on “MuTu and Thinking Slimmer (Week 5)

    • I think it’s important to show the real results. Tummy’s post pregnancy don’t look good (unless you have fab genes), and I was trying to find out if mine looked ‘normal,’ it was really hard to find pictures where the women weren’t clothed (which I think can hide the mum tum!).
      So I figured showing my belly during the 12 weeks would hopefully make other mums not hate their bodies and see that results can happen :)
      I hope I continue making progress.. having the pics actually helps to keep me motivated as well lol


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