Shhhh… I have a Secret for all you Pregnant/Nursing Women!

There’s a little secret I’m going to tell all you pregnant women.  It’s a thrifty stylish secret.. so you may want to keep it to yourself…

Are you ready for it?

*whispers* you only need to buy ONE dress that will see you through your whole pregnancy and beyond.

There I’ve said it.

You don’t believe me do you? I wouldn’t have believed me either, but it’s true.  And after buying loads of maternity wear and having to replace said maternity wear with nursing wear when I was breastfeeding I wish someone had let me in on this secret.

But you’re lucky.. you can save yourself a fortune by investing wisely.

Let me introduce you to the Bibee Dress.


The Bibee dress at its most basic is a pleated dress, the top of the dress can be changed with interchangeable bibee’s.  The range of bibee’s go from casual to formal, so like I said one dress fits all occasions!


For cooler days there is a long-sleeved top that goes under the dress but still allows easy access to your breasts if you are nursing.

The dress is made of a thick luxurious fabric so the material hangs nicely over your bump or post pregnancy belly, so whatever stage you’re at it’s flattering to your body!  Most importantly it’s comfortable.. oh it really is.  It’s so comfortable.

To hammer home how wonderful this dress is you only need to really change the interchangeable bibee and you have a new outfit and less washing! Brilliant if you are nursing and you end up with milk stains.

The dress itself comes in a knee length or full length style and comes free with a long sleeved top to wear underneath it when needed.  The knee length style is £115.00 (although the eggplant colour is currently on sale at £85.00… quick snap it up!) and the maxi length dress is £145.00.

Now don’t recoil it horror at the price! It seems a lot because you’re paying in essence for what you consider ‘one item.’  But like I said it’s not.  This dress is everything! It’s everything you need.  It’s maternity wear, it’s nursing wear, it’s casual wear, it’s formal wear, it’s work wear.. the list goes on! Instead of buying 2/3 pieces of maternity wear that you can’t wear after birth it will actually be wiser to invest in a piece that you’ll wear to death!

The interchangeable bibee’s start from £35.00 and some of the formal pieces (great for weddings and those posher events) are currently on sale including my favourite bibee the Lace Cap Sleeve bibee which is down from £55.00 and is on sale right now for £30.00.

There are so many ways to style the Bibee dress, with some great styling options on the website.  So I thought I’d style up my Bibee dress with a bit of an East London flair (ie just add some Nike’s) to show you how versatile the dress is.




Now don’t forget this is a secret.. pass on your knowledge only to those you trust.  When you turn up looking amazing to your friend’s wedding you don’t want everyone to realise it’s the same dress you wore to go to the shops in ;)

(I was sent a Bibee dress to review and give feedback on, but these opinions are my own).

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