Competition: How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffer’s

I’m a big fan of books.  I think reading is such an important hobby to have and I’ll actively be encouraging Baby London to read as he grows up.  I’d much rather have a child that chooses to read instead of playing games on a console.  Which is why I think it’s important to start children off young!

Although Baby London is only 12 weeks old it is obvious he’s interested in the world around him.  So I figured it was time to introduce books.  Illustrated books are perfect for him.  As I read to him he stares at the pictures and tries to touch the pages.  This interaction is exactly what I want.


As luck would have it we were asked to review the popular illustrated children’s book by Oliver Jeffer’s ‘How to Catch a Star.‘  This year is the 10th anniversary of the book and HarperCollins (the publishers) are celebrating the success with a special 10th anniversary gift edition.  The gift edition includes a letter from the author explaining how his picture book came into existence and the gift edition also has unpublished illustrations, so even if you already own the book you may want to update it!

I’ve never read the book, so I read it for the first time to Baby London before bedtime.  I loved the story.  It’s uplifting and beautiful.  Reading it reminded me of what it was like to be a child and have dreams that seemed out of reach.  It also showed how all dreams are achievable however difficult they are.  The pictures were perfectly drawn to evoke the feelings needed and all in all it’ll certainly be a book I’ll be keeping.


(A big moment in the story had Baby London on tenterhooks!)

Baby London enjoyed the different pictures and colours and one day will no doubt enjoy the story as well with a greater understanding of it.


(Calming down once the ending had been revealed… he wasn’t sure how it was going to end!)

It’s a multi award-winning book and I’m offering you the chance to win your very own copy!  All you have to do is tell me your favourite children’s book in the comments below (and leave a way to contact you ie. email or twitter handle) and I’ll draw the winner out of a hat, so feel free to enter as many times as you want.  Good luck!

(Competition open until end of March 2014 worldwide)

7 thoughts on “Competition: How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffer’s

  1. I love Oliver Jeffers. We have Lost and Found and it’s sequel, Up and Down. They are such lovely stories and beautifully illustrated-How to Catch A Star was another on my “must get” list!

    One of my favourites when I was little was “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”-such a classic and I never got bored of it.

    • That’s amazing! Wow, I’d love one that had a French translation on the side so I could learn while reading to Baby London. (I don’t think I’d understand the welsh part!) xx

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