The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Personal Touch

Over the next week I’ll be making up the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift.  It’ll be everything your Mother would want… (or your Wife/Girlfriend if you’re a Dad reading this and panicking over last-minute preparations!).

This part of the present is the personal part.  An essential part of gift giving is having something personal that you know the other person will adore! The thing my Mother loves the most in this world is her Grandson.  Yep that’s right.  It’s not my Dad, my Sister or me.. it’s my Child (and my Sister’s Son as well).

So I know the one thing that’ll light her face up on Mother’s Day will be something to do with Baby London.

If your Mother is similar then look no further than YourDesign.

They kindly let me select a Mother’s Day gift of choice for my Mum and I picked a gorgeous wooden personalised photo frame.

Yep that’s right, it can be personalised, and so I chose to have ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ etched onto my one.  The frame was delivered quickly and all I had to do was order a picture of Baby London to put inside it.


The personal side of the present is now sorted… and it couldn’t have been easier.  The frame is beautifully made, it looks stylish and is neutral so it will suit all tastes.  Shame I have to give it away really…

For that personal touch YourDesign really have it covered.  So if your Mother isn’t the type to like picture frames (if that exists), you can opt for items such as a personalised phone cover or mug.  But I think the frame is the perfect choice for my Mum!

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