The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Luxurious Start

Seeing as we’ve covered the perfect sentimental gift, it’s time to focus on the day itself and treating your Mum to something extra special.

Luckily I was invited to the Moonpig Showcase at The Montague Hotel for an afternoon tea treat while getting the chance to look at some of the things Moonpig have on offer especially for Mother’s Day.

Because it was all about Mother’s Day I thought I’d actually bring my Mum with me so we could have a little Mother/Daughter bonding time with her beloved Grandson and give her opinion on the Moonpig selection.

We were greeted at the Hotel by the loveliest doorman who’s wife is expecting shortly, (he’ll stay up with the baby at night-time while his wife sleeps and switch roles in the morning: the perfect gentleman!) and shown to the location of the event for Moonpig.

After grabbing a glass of prosecco (oh this was going to be a great day!) we were shown all the flowers displayed beautifully on a terrace that overlooked the gardens of the hotel.  It was just stunning.


The perfume from the flowers was so uplifting and the selection was plentiful.  It took me a long time to narrow down the selection to my favourite flowers, and in the end I was greedy and picked two bouquets as my top choice.

The first bouquet reminded me of the countryside, the flowers had a bit more of a rustic feel to them compared to the others on display and certainly suited my style of flower choice.


The other bouquet I picked out was one that contained the most beautiful roses! I just couldn’t resist.


My Mum found the selection so overwhelming she just loved them all.. but I know her, and I know that I’d pick something classic to suit her taste or something that came potted so it would last.  She’s a practical woman after all!


I also spotted the perfect addition to a Mother’s Day…


What better start than a special Breakfast in Bed hamper on Mother’s Day morning!

After getting excited over the treats Moonpig had for Mother’s Day we thought we indulge in a spot of Afternoon Tea laid on by the hotel for the event (I can categorically say The Montague do an excellent Afternoon Tea).  We sat down and chatted to other bloggers and Moonpig representatives at the event and indulged in some sweet treats and sandwiches.  Baby London got his obligatory bottle as well!








After my Mum got herself a back massage we left but not before Moonpig gave me my very own beautiful bunch of flowers to take away along with a beautiful gift bag for both myself and my Mum containing even more naughty treats and a box of scented bath petals from their Bath in a Box set  (they’ll be put to good use tonight when MrLondonMum is home and I can have some relaxing me time!).




The wonderful Doorman at The Montague also sneaked a scrumptious bar of dark chocolate into my bag as we left as well.  I left a very happy Mummy, and my Mum left a very happy Mum and Grandmother.

I think Moonpig have nailed it with their flower selection and gift choices.  As long as you order your Mother’s Day presents by 4pm the day before Mother’s Day you can guarantee your Mum will be waking up on Mother’s Day with your chosen gifts.

For me I’ll be sending the Breakfast in Bed Hamper and a beautiful potted plant.  And as it comes with a free card as well I guess that’s the card sorted too! ;)

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