The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Final Surprise

After enjoying a special day with your Mother what better way to top it off in the evening than with a slice of cake.  But not any old ordinary cake, something with a little bit more pizzazz!

Enter Baskin Robbins.


They have created special occasion cakes and they really are something a bit more exciting than your typical iced sponge you might normally pick up.

Baskin Robbins aren’t at the forefront of ice-cream in the UK anymore, I remember when they were found in every cinema foyer.  With Ben and Jerry’s taking over people have forgotten about Baskin Robbins, but it’s still one of the top ice cream brands and is hands down the favourite in the good old U. S. of A.


But with these cakes popping up and being snapped up for various celebrations, it’s a name that’ll be synonymous with great flavoured luxurious ice-cream again.  I think it’s time for the Baskin Robbins comeback!

Just feast your eyes on this…


I had to feast my eyes on it for a full week!! I wanted to save it for a family dinner to show it off and prove it’ll make the perfect sweet treat for the end of Mother’s Day.  The final piece in the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide.

So after collecting it on the Monday, I kept it in my freezer for a week until Sunday dinner with MrLondonMum’s family…

It just stared at me…


…willing me to just open the packaging and consume it.

But I resisted.  (Mainly because I refused to open the freezer).

And then Sunday arrived… the day I’d been waiting for all week! After an amazing Sunday roast (courtesy of my Sister-in-law) the cake came out to lots of ooo’s and ahh’s.


It was cut into 8 healthy sized pieces and shared out amongst the table.  Each of us picking a piece that tempted us.  


And then that first mouthful.. mine was a full on chocolate explosion! Chocolate mousse royale ice cream on top of a chocolate cake.  That satisfied my chocoholic cravings!


With 4 different flavours to choose from (cookies ‘n’ cream ice-cream on chocolate cake, pralines ‘n’ cream ice-cream on chocolate cake and very berry ice-cream on a white cake in addition my decadent chocolate flavour!)  there was something for everyone and even two pieces spare (6 of us).


Trust Baby London to require my attention for a while, because when I got back to the table the two spare pieces had been gobbled up…!!

I think based upon how quickly the cake disappeared I can safely say it’s a welcome addition to the family table.  And it’s certainly a fun and exciting way to celebrate the end of Mother’s Day.  But most of all it’s quite simply just delicious…

(I was asked to review a Baskin Robbin’s cake, but all opinions are my own).

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