Guest Post: Enjoying London’s Architecture with the Kids

If there’s one place to take the kids to to teach them more about architecture, it’s London. England’s capital city has so much to offer with a wide range of beautifully designed buildings. You’ll literally be in awe of the stunning buildings that surround you.


The question is with so many different architectural buildings to discover, where do you start? Below you’ll learn more about the top places to head to with the kids.


Ed’s Shed, Hackney


Ed’s Shed is one of the more unusual buildings in London. It’s also one of the most modern. It’s a great building to show your kids as it makes use of environmentally-friendly materials.


The entire house was built off-site and assembled in place in 2007. It took just ten months to build and has a simple, minimalist design. It looks pretty basic, but the amount of detail that’s gone into the building is impressive. It also makes excellent use of the lighting.


By the time you come away from this house you may be inspired to add wooden details to your own home and by ordering timber French doors you can replicate the look.


The British Library


It took a 30 year battle with planners to get the British Library finally constructed in 1998. It features an outdoor amphitheatre design plaza and a red brick façade. It’s truly an impressive building and it’s been based upon the designs of Alvar Aalto, a Finnish architect.


The British Museum


Another child-friendly architectural delight is the British Museum. The size of this building is enormous and it’s known to be one of the oldest museums in the world.


In 2000 the Great Court was added to the museum and that further added to the impressive design of the building. There are plenty of exhibits to be enjoyed and it features a Greek revival façade.


Swaminarian Hindu Temple


If you want to teach your children more about different cultures, this is a uniquely stunning building not to be missed.


It was opened in 1995 and it boasts beautiful white marble domes along with intricate carvings. Over 1000 volunteers took part in fundraising activities to fund the building of the temple.


These are just some of the family friendly architectural buildings you can take your kids to in the capital city. London architecture has something from all periods to take in. Don’t forget your camera when you’re walking around!


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