Stomping Summer

Sometimes I come across something amazing and I’m really quite gutted that Baby London is too young to fully appreciate it.  I hope as he gets older such treats will still be around!

But instead of keeping this to myself I thought it best to share in case you have children that would delight in such a magical creative environment!

This particular ‘thing’ is going to be stomping-ly good!


That Mummy’s and Daddy’s is a short snippet of what’s hitting the West End this Summer.  The Elephantom.  And it’s going to be elephantastic!! (see what I did there!)

Taking puppetry work to a whole new level your children will be squealing in delight as Ross Collins’ book literally comes alive on stage at the New London Theatre.

For those theatre buffs out there you’ll know that the New London Theatre is home of one of the biggest West End productions- War Horse, and actually some of the people who have worked on stage bringing the horses to life in War Horse are now part of The Elephantom production.  So you can expect the same quality in the puppetry work and production.  After all it has top talent working to really bring the characters to life.

I got the chance to see a short sneak peek at a press launch a few weeks ago and the elephants are absolutely incredible to watch.  They glide and float around the room, and honestly they really do become real through their movements and actions.

The children in the audience were on the edge of their seats at seeing the elephants and the adults I could see were reverting back to being children again.  A slight Peter Pan moment!

Although Baby London really is too young to fully appreciate the show in its entirety, I’m still going to take him to watch the full 60 minute production.  He’s at the age where he’s interested in what’s around him and although he might not quite understand the show in the same manner as most I know he’ll enjoy the lights, the music and most of all seeing the large elephant shapes!  Or maybe I’m just making up excuses for a reason to go and see the show myself using my child as a ‘legitimate’ reason!

The show is running from 30th June - 6th September.  If you’re heading to London on a trip with your kids or you live here then I highly recommend you buying a couple of tickets, preferably sooner rather than later because this will be a sell out show!

(NB. At the New London Theatre prams are stored in the cloakroom for safe guarding.  You can’t take them up to the theatre doors.)

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