Baby London is a Raver

I can safely say that Baby London takes after his Father.  Which means he’ll be a handful as he gets older.  The reason I know this is because last week we took him to a rave.


You heard me right, I took our little cherub to a 2-4 hour rave set up by Big Fish Little Fish! (as opposed to 24 hour it was a 2pm to 4.30pm rave).

As soon as he heard the music pumping from the various DJ’s including Felix from Hot Chip and Matt Sanger from Bestival and a surprise set from DJ Tom Middleton this is what happened…


…he threw his arms back and with his glow stick around his arm he soaked up the atmosphere in the way a proper raver would!

He thoroughly enjoyed each of the DJ’s, (who are carefully selected by Big Fish Little Fish for being top of their game)…

6…now add 18 years onto that and I can only imagine the mischief he’ll be getting up to!

The event has filled a large void for us parents who are part of the rave generation.  It’s just like a mini festival which is not only aimed at us but also our children.  (It runs throughout the Winter months and then it tours with the festivals in the Summer).

The adults can prop up the bar…


…while the children have various activities ranging across the age groups to keep them entertained.  There is a baby area, a toddlers area and an area for children that enjoy a bit of craft.


There are drinks and snacks (Happy Monkey Smoothies and Bear snacks) provided free for the children but there were also stalls where you could treat them or yourselves.

Such as this ice lolly stand… a few flavours for Mummy and Daddy in there ;)

23(MrLondonMum enjoying a mojito flavoured lolly, I went for the pistachio and rose)

But really everyone is there to get their party on and so we did.  Mum’s, Dad’s, babies and children all hit the dance floor and partied hard!  To keep the children excited there were bubble machines and confetti guns.





We didn’t stay until the end simply because Baby London was due a nap and given that the location of the event was next door to the Olympic park we thought we’d pop him in his pram and take a walk while he snoozed.  (All that partying makes even the most hardcore ravers a tad sleepy!).





(Shirt from Boden, Skirt from Zara, Shoes from UGG Australia, Sunglasses from Ray-Ban)




I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s an absolutely beautiful park with touches of Britain all over it, from the wild flowers to the telephone boxes! I really didn’t appreciate the beauty of the park during the Olympics via the TV but in reality it’s stunning.

Not far from the Olympic Park is a hidden bar called Bar 90, we were all parched so thought we’d stop in and get some beverages.


While his milk cooled down Baby London had some play time…





What did I tell you about him being a party animal? Not yet Baby London, put the lager down!

(Disclaimer: We were invited to attend BFLF in return for an honest review.  As a family we will definitely be returning to a BFLF event in the future)



11 thoughts on “Baby London is a Raver

    • It really is! It was a brilliant day, because the room was an old warehouse it actually felt like a proper rave! lol x

    • I’m so glad I had them at the back of the cupboard, the day was so hot and I haven’t really prepared summer clothes for him yet! x

    • I’m hoping Baby London won’t pick up that habit!!! Saying that though there’s many a time I’ve wanted to go to bed by 7pm haha x

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