Baby London on the Johnson’s YouTube channel!

So I was lucky enough to get to work with the Johnson’s brand on some of their YouTube videos.  I did have a behind the scenes vlog to show you of my first day- but I did something really stupid which involved me trying to speed up my computer by putting loads of old pictures and videos into the computer recycle bin and then deleting the recycling which included that very first vlog!  Oh well lesson learnt!

But what I do have is the actual video that Johnson’s have put up on their YouTube channel.  Make sure you subscribe to their channel because you’ll see many other bloggers on there too, and all the information is really helpful and useful.  At least it has been to me.

This first video is looking at why baby skin is so delicate in comparison to adult skin.  I got to chat to Julie who’s a ridiculously amazing dermatologist and Naomi who is another Mum (and also works in media on programmes such as ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’- some of the behind the scenes gossip from DTTB is just hilarious!!).

So enjoy :)

(Also take note of the various tools I use to keep Baby London quiet, hahaha)

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