A Good Way to up the Protein in your Diet

I know protein is vital to get that lovely flat stomach of mine back.  Exercise and protein.  Which is why I asked one of my exercise obsessed loving friends about protein recently (well back in May).  She has always guzzled it down, and I can tell you she has the body of a Goddess!  She recommended a whey based protein shake as you can see from the message below (excuse the typos, I’m just texting a friend so I never check spelling!).


So what I learnt was whey = one hell of a good body!

But the thing is I’m just not comfortable at the idea of those gym loving protein shakes all gym goers seem to have in those plastic big containers with the red lids.  They’re just too ‘fitness’ for me if that makes sense.  I associate them with real die-hard fitness fans (which my friend is hence her enviable body).  So although she recommended the shake to me I held off buying it because I thought it just might be a bit ‘much’ for what I’m looking for.

And then suddenly a couple of new protein products caught my eye.  A couple of products that are right up my street!

As a Mummy blogger I often get companies asking me to review and test products.  And suddenly two different protein companies were asking me to test their products.  Upbeat and The Protein Bakery.  (Thank you to the protein Gods who were obviously looking after me in my hour of protein need!)

The reason they contacted a ‘Mummy Blogger’ is because during pregnancy and when you’re breast-feeding it is vital to up your protein intake to help the development of the baby.  Both these products are easy to consume and quite appealing, they’re an easy way to make sure you’re getting an increase in protein in a manageable way.

For me now however it’s less about my baby’s development (after all he’s here now and I’m not a breastfeeding Mother) and more of a personal need to tone everything up, protein is essential for the function and health of majority of out body parts.  I want to be as taut as a bowstring and I know protein is the one substance that’ll really make all the difference after working out as it helps to build and retain the muscle.  (Don’t worry if you think it’ll bulk you up it won’t, unless you are using heavy weights and consuming ridiculous calories per day it’s just not gonna happen).

So let’s look at both the products separately because ultimately it’ll come down to how you prefer to consume things.

If drinking is more your thing then go for Upbeat.


Upbeat are new high protein dairy drinks (made using fresh British milk) that are low in fat and have no more than 150 calories (yes they’re great for dieting).  Instead of those horrible powder and water concoctions everyone makes up they provide a way to drink that all important whey in a fresh way!

Each 250ml bottle provides 20g of protein and it’s just so quick and easy to drink, you can neck it straight from the bottle or go all sophisticated and pour it into a glass ;)


Currently they have 3 different flavours; mango and passion-fruit, strawberry and also blueberry and raspberry.  They’ve kept the product as natural as possible and use as few ingredients as needed.  The website also lets you know which stores have offers on so you can find your cheapest store to buy your Upbeat drinks from!

The consistency of the drink reminds me of drinking a smooth milkshake.  The taste is slightly different to that of a milkshake (obviously) but they are tasty and very easy to drink which I like.  My favourite flavour has to be the strawberry one.  It’s yummy!

It’s an easy drink to bring with you in your gym bag or just an simple substitute for breakfast.  As a Mother I know how hard it is to get breakfast and a drink in the morning… this one drink sorts me out!  The protein keeps me feeling full while the liquid helps me feel a bit more hydrated!

The Upbeat drinks are a household staple at my parents home, my Dad is a massive fan and has a large stock of them (he’s not a great protein eater and as an older ‘gentleman’ he needs to up his protein intake) which is good because it means when I get to visit I get my protein intake at the same time.  And when I move (eventually) I’ll be stocking them in my own fridge.  Toned belly for next Summer is high on my agenda!  Watch this space.

If you’re a cookie and cake addict you’ll love the other option which is to increase your protein intake by indulging in a rather delightful treat.  Fancy a brownie or some cookies? Thought you might!


But instead of the guilt, feel free in the knowledge that these naughty (but actually not naughty) little treats will help you tone up (or help the development of your child if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding).

They’re good if you are part of a calorie controlled diet as they’re nutritionally balanced (with all natural ingredients) and so they don’t spike your blood sugar levels.  Great too if you’re diabetic! Even better if you’re diabetic and typically eat 4 biscuits for breakfast (yes I’m talking to you Father!).


He thoroughly enjoyed eating his cookie from The Protein Bakery and remarked at how filling it was.  Rather kindly he allowed me to eat the other cookie which was delicious.  It really is filling, and full of nuts inside.  It doesn’t have a strong chocolate flavour but it certainly is enjoyable.  And as they’re filled with that all important whey I know they’re good for my post work out snack (although I did eat my one with a cup of tea so not quite post workout)!

My Mum decided it wasn’t fair she didn’t get to try one of the cookies so went straight to the fridge and grabbed the brownie and ripped open the packaging.


Thumbs up from her as well! She’s already set on making an order, through her brownie filled mouth I managed to understand that she wanted a whole box of them.


Luckily I did manage to try a bit before she scoffed the whole brownie down and it was delicious.  I’m not just saying that because I’m reviewing them I honestly mean it.  I’m a cake person so between the cookies and the brownie I definitely preferred the brownies, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy a good cookie too!

And if the flavours of the products The Protein Bakery sent me aren’t up your street don’t fret because there are loads of flavours to pick from!

So if you’re looking for a little extra protein in your life I hope you’ve found a bit of guidance here.  I wrote this post about both the products at the same time because the benefits are the same but it’s up to you as the consumer to which you would prefer.  Some people prefer the idea of a quick and easy shake while others would rather fill that hunger pang with a little bit of cake.  Personally for me I like the fact that they do the same job but are totally different products and therefore I have a variety of ways to make sure I can up my protein intake without getting bored.

If you are tempted by The Protein Bakery products they have kindly offered all The London Mum readers a discount code to use when purchasing, LONDONMUM15 will get you a 15% discount.

(Disclaimer: I was sent products from Upbeat and The Protein Bakery to try in return for my honest review).


6 thoughts on “A Good Way to up the Protein in your Diet

    • Both lovely products. They are totally different but I suppose it keeps things interesting when it comes to topping up your protein! x

    • That’s what makes me a bit apprehensive with those muscle man protein shakes.. I’d be more comfortable with these options, plus they tatse nicer ;)


  1. i have whey protein as i am on a weight loss mission and so i am spending 2 hours a day 5 times a week in the gym and at classes so need to repair my muscles quickly .. will have to look at these as the normal whey can be boring

    • That’s the thing, too much of the same does get boring, so this hopefully gives you a few more options :) x

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