Essential Story Time Reading: The Velveteen Rabbit

I love reading my Son books.  Whether or not he enjoys it is another matter.  When I read to him he’s usually just clambering all over me.  Sometimes he’ll stop what he’s doing to look at the occasional picture or try to grab a page.  I don’t know what goes on in his mind but for me I like to think I’m helping his development with some much-needed Mummy and Baby time while I read to him.

One of the books I read to him recently has become a favourite already, and one I’ll keep in the children’s library probably forever to pass on to the next generation.  I like the idea that some of the things I experience with my child will be things he may experience with his own children in the future.

On a recent shopping trip there was a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit, but it was a baby friendly cardboard book that was different to the original and more ‘child friendly.’  As great as that book might have been I really wanted to just have the original.  The story that many other generations have grown up with.  So I went around all the book shops to hunt out The Original Velveteen Rabbit.

And we found it! In Waterstones they had a couple of copies, so I picked one up and headed to the till.


Margery Williams is the author and The Velveteen Rabbit was her first children’s book.  It was written in 1922.  Among the pages are beautiful illustrations of the story drawn by William Nicholson, and his drawings are just beautiful.  I can see why he was knighted and why his artwork was/is so popular.

The story is a tale of a child and his toy, and the meaning of the word ‘real.’  It’s a beautiful story that I think every child should have on their bookshelves.


If you’ve yet to read it I highly recommend getting a copy, read a couple of pages to your baby at a time or read the book with your child before bed.  It’s a proper story which I personally like as it’s something I can get stuck into as well.  Baby cardboard books are great but sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into a real story.

(Disclaimer: This is a book I purchased myself and am recommending).

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