Back to Nature with Organic Bambino Boutique


Organic.  Funny little word really isn’t it? I buy Baby London organic Weetabix.  I don’t know why but it makes me feel better.  In fact all of his food is organic where it can be.  All I know is it’s more ‘natural.’  That’s good enough for me.

I’ve only ever associated the word organic with food.  But so many other things are produced from the agricultural world that aren’t solely for eating.

Another blogging Mum (The L’s Mum) has started a whole business based upon this knowledge.  So when I was given the chance to review some organic clothing from her shop Orgnanic Bambino Boutique it didn’t take me long to put my order in.

The order didn’t take long to reach me either, she used TNT Direct to send the parcel to me, and it arrived really quickly and delivered by a rather dashing man.  I wanted to take a photo to prove this to you, but I was still in my pyjamas with my greasy hair scraped back and for some reason I had black newspaper print on my forehead.  So I quickly signed the little machine thingy to say I’d received the item and shut the door quite sharpish mumbling an excuse about the baby.  But if you want to know more about sending items quickly (as in next day if you need to) and efficiently all over the world (and reasonably priced too) just visit the website or read the review from The L’s Mum.  (It just involves measuring the package and getting a quote from the website and waiting for them to pick it up from your house).

And there it was.  My little wrapped parcel containing two organic items of clothing for Baby London.  I ordered one gorgeous striped romper with a robot print on the front, and a nice padded jacket for when the autumn and winter starts creeping in.  I think I have a thing for stripes ;)

So why use organic clothes I hear you ask? Well if truth be told I didn’t know until I did my research.  It’s no secret that babies have delicate skin- I did a video with Johnson’s on that very issue.  Organic clothing reduces the risk of a baby developing allergies or eczema because the cotton used to make the clothes isn’t treated with chemicals.  This means the cotton is softer and also allows the skin to ‘breath’ better.  So for those children that do suffer with issues like eczema, buying organic can only help and not hinder.

I suffered from eczema in my teens actually, and I know how uncomfortable it is.  The need to itch was just so compelling that cutting through the skin with my nails sometimes felt like relief.  So if organic clothing is a way to reduce that sort of discomfort in a baby it’s certainly something I’d highly consider.

As it is Baby London has great skin and has had no problems with any clothing as of yet.  But the quality of the pieces I received from Organic Bambino Boutique certainly were of a high quality that I would purchase further items from the shop.  Currently they have four different brand collections so if you want to find some cute clothing for your little ones that’s all organic make sure you take a look!



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