Coconut Water Ice Lolly

Today I thought I’d show you a little something I make for Baby London when he’s a bit grumbly with his teething.  It’s the perfect thing to introduce him to new flavours and textures as well.  If you’ve read my weaning posts so far you’ll know I have lumpieitis- a total fear of giving lumps to my Son!

This little treat helps me deal with this fear because the fruit he gets is frozen and therefore it takes him longer to eat ;) (meaning I can eat them if he takes too long).

This is an idea I stole off good ol’ pinterest!

First up here’s what you need:

  • Ice lolly moulds
  • Fruit
  • Vita Coco Kids

Being an ice lolly, the frozen ice really helps soothe Baby London’s painful gums.  Plus the addition of the fruit really encourages that next phase of learning to eat new flavours and textures like I said previously.  While you could use any juice to create the ice lolly I like the idea of using coconut water.  I don’t want to give Baby London juice until I have to.  He really enjoys drinking plain tap water to quench his thirst and I don’t want to encourage him to drink excess sugar where it’s not needed.  Vita Coco Kids is a natural fruit flavoured coconut water with no sugar, additives of preservatives.  And the fruit flavour isn’t from concentrate either.

As a drink it isn’t something I would give Baby London just yet as he only drinks out of a bottle and I’m aware that only water or milk should pass through that teat to maintain his dental hygiene.  However, if I can get him to enjoy coconut water from a young age by the time he reaches an age where he wants juice I’m hoping that he’ll be requesting the hydrating, vitamin packed wonder juice known as coconut water ;)  I’m a fan of coconut water so I hope he follows in my footsteps!

Anyway chuck all the ingredients into the ice lolly moulds, fruit in first and then top up with the Vita Coco Kids and pop the moulds into the freezer for a good few hours.

Once frozen remove an ice lolly and marvel at its beauty!


Glorious isn’t it?

Feed this wondrous creation to a teething, greedy baby! (Make sure your child is over 6 months and capable of nibbling at lumps!).

Enjoy the face pulling when they realise how cold it is…

And then the delight as they relish the frozen flavoured coconut water (the natural flavouring really does make coconut water that much more child friendly, by itself coconut water isn’t a flavour many children would immediately be drawn to).

Once they get down to the fruit let them just enjoy it (you know I still grit my teeth but I have to get over my fear!).

And finito, a simple, easy, healthy treat!

(Disclaimer: I was sent some Vita Coco Kids coconut water to review, but I wanted to make these lolly’s anyway.  All opinions as always are my own.)

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