Stimulating a Baby’s Creative Mind through Play

With every passing day it’s proving harder and harder to keep up with the wants and needs of my baby.  He’s nosy, inquisitive and is very tactile.  He is quite content to sit in a baby pen or on the floor supervised as long as he has something to play with.  But finding the right kind of toys can be daunting I think.

He loves anything that is musical and makes a sound, but I’m very aware that I also want him to learn how to play with toys that aren’t quite so headache inducing.  I also think toys that will use his creative mind will enhance different skills to those that just make noises and flash while screaming out the alphabet in American accents.

So thankfully, we were asked to review some Lego type toys from a brand called ‘Mega Bloks.’  Now I know Lego is a brand so I probably shouldn’t describe the gifts we were sent as Lego-type, but they are.  All I know is they are pretty much the same thing but Mega Bloks are just the cheaper brand!

We were sent two varieties of Mega Bloks to enjoy.  The first was Mega Bloks First Builders and the second was First Builders Fast Track Rescue Squad.

On opening the package I was quite happy with how the products looked.  But the First Builders were recommended for baby’s that are 12 months and over and the Fast Track Rescue Squad was recommended for ages 3 and up.  Baby London as advanced as I think he is (with no one to compare him to) isn’t at that point yet.  But the pieces in the First Builders kit were certainly sized well enough for him to play and grab hold of now.  And that’s what he does.  I scatter the Mega Bloks around him and he grabs and picks the ones he wants to play with and hits them frantically before chewing them.  They’re great for teething babies :)


The bright colours are attractive to his senses and the Bloks are easy to grab hold of and inspect for inquisitive minds.  The ability to put the pieces together to form interesting shapes has obviously not quite been grasped yet.  But I suppose that means the Bloks will be a toy that’ll continue to intrigue him and grow with him as he hits new development milestones.  Until then I’ve used them in his bath, I’ve used them for play outdoors, I’ve used them for play indoors, and I’ve built constructions out of them myself!

The plastic is durable, washable and the bag they come in means they are easy to pack away.  I’m hoping in time I can make a fun game of ‘let’s tidy up and put the bloks into the bag’ game.

With the Fast Track Rescue Squad set I did find that Baby London was just too young to enjoy it.  Although Baby London might have had age issues his Father who definitely surpassed the recommended age was in his element!

With furrowed brows and eagerness bubbling up inside him MrLondonMum got down to the manly task of building the set like his life depended on it.

With pride etched on his face after making me distract Baby London for him to complete the all important task he presented us with his pride and joy.  Baby London who had been sidelined the whole time and wanting to touch the pieces that Daddy kept taking away from him descended upon the construction and with one chubby arm swooped at it making all the pieces come crashing down.

I laughed, Baby London didn’t notice anything amiss and MrLondonMum was on the brink of tears I think!

With the pieces now at reach Baby London enjoyed the Fast Track Rescue Squad in a similar way to how he enjoys the First Builders.  Grabbing, picking pieces up, hitting them against things and chewing them.  But with the set he did have the bonus of having cars to play with too.  But rolling them across the floor isn’t in his mindset just yet.  They too get chewed.

The set is something that I’ll keep and I know will spark up Baby London’s creative juices at a later date.

The only problem with this particular set of Mega Bloks was the packaging.   The cars for the set come neatly packed down the side of the cardboard box the set is encased in so as a consumer you can touch the cars before buying the set to feel the quality of the plastic.  They come tied to a piece of cardboard and look all pretty  Once everything has been removed from the box and the cardboard from behind the cars has been thrown away as the cars are untied from it there is just a hole in the box.  The pieces don’t fit well back into the box and as the box is cardboard made it’s just not long-term durable.  I’ll be inclined to buy a box to put the pieces in rather than attempt to fit the pieces in each time the set gets played with.

Overall though for the price and what you get I did find Mega Bloks a great brand and I know they’ll help with the development of Baby London’s motor skills and encourage some creative play.

(Disclaimer: We were sent PR samples of Mega Bloks First Builders and First Builders Fast Track Rescue Squad to review and give our honest opinion on).



22 thoughts on “Stimulating a Baby’s Creative Mind through Play

  1. Haha, a musician in LondonMums family? Is there no end to your fabulous little man’s talent?? We’ll buy a ticket to his first gig. Soundproofing recommended if he takes up the violin!! Now your rock-n-roll journey really takes off. Great inspirational review & lovely ‘arrgh’ pics. Wonderful site LondonMum - MORE PLEASE.

  2. My husband would be just the same, it has made me laugh. He gets s frustrated when our kids take apart his creations! The set looks fab though and Baby London certainly looks like he enjoys the brightly coloured blocks. We have a few bags and they always come in handy for indoor play. Love the photos too! #triedtested

  3. We love megabloks here too! Jack brought some home from the nursery he works at and they’ve been played with everyday since. Indiana loves pushing the car along and knocking down daddy’s towers haha xx

    • How useful that Jack works in a nursery! I must teach Baby London that the cars are meant for pushing and not chewing hahah xx

  4. Baby London looks like he is having a fabulous time - love the way dads always seem to have more fun with building things like this though, and had a little chuckle at the photo of Baby London demolishing it! Mega Bloks are very popular in our house too :-)

  5. Oh what beautiful photos! We are huge fans of megablocks here, we’ve had them since my eldest was a baby and she’s almost ten now. We keep them in a huge basket in the play room and I swear they play with them everyday. Timeless! x x

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