8 Month Old Baby Routine

I’m away this weekend and I’ll be leaving Baby London with his Dad all by himself *que scared Mummy.*


Living apart while we’re waiting for this damn place to go through is hard enough (if we’d known it was gonna take this long we’d have just rented somewhere), and MrLondonMum has missed out on so much of Baby London’s development that I suppose this weekend will be a good Father/Son bonding session.

But while he’s been working and I’ve been doing all the childcare the little issue of knowing the baby’s routine has passed him by.

So I thought I’d write a good old blog post that he can refer to, while also having the much-anticipated routine post I promised TheLsMum.

So this is how our routine looks on a daily basis.  The times are averages, I just watch the ques from Baby London but he’s pretty consistent and only sways by about 1/2 and hour or so here or there.

7am-8am Baby London wakes up.  I bring him downstairs and shamelessly I put on channel 5 and let him watch the cartoons while I prepare his breakfast and make a cup of tea for me.  He’s usually in his Jumperoo.  I feed him as much breakfast as he wants (weetabix with milk) and after he’s finished his breakfast I give him as much water as he wants.

9am-10am Baby London starts getting tired.  A little whinge indicates it’s time to put him back to sleep after giving him as much milk from a 9oz bottle as he wants.  Sometimes he wants it all, sometimes he’ll drink half but for safety a 9oz bottle is always made up.  After drinking his milk he’ll jump around his cot for a while before collapsing into a heap and falling asleep.  He likes his muslin cloth in his cot with him and his dummy.  Once he falls asleep I take out his muslin cloth and if he’s spat his dummy out I’ll remove that too.  I always leave his toy elephant in with him though.

12pm Baby London has lunch which will be a fruit puree and yoghurt finishing with water again.  He’s a slow eater but usually will gobble both these up fast.

3pm-4pm Baby London has a 9oz milk bottle

4pm Baby London has a nap.  I never let him nap past 5pm, he usually wakes up before then but I’ll wake him if he doesn’t.

5pm-6pm Baby London has dinner which is a proper meal type pouch and dessert if he’s still hungry.

6pm-7pm He watches CBeebies.  In all fairness feeding Baby London can take a while as his mind tends to wander so he’s usually still eating at this point with the TV on in the background.  But once In the Night Garden comes on he’s totally focused on that.

7pm-7.30pm Bath time

8pm-9pm 9oz bottle of milk and bed.  Always have his water bottle on standby in case he wakes in the night.

Extra Information:

For me I find the best time to leave the house is after Baby London’s lunch if I’m going somewhere that’s walking distance.  There is a good many hours between his next food meal that all I need to do is take out a ready prepared milk bottle from the fridge and we’re good to go.  At the moment I make all his milk in batch the night before and keep it in the fridge (3 bottles that are 9oz).  He drinks it cold, but come winter I’ll have to change that method as he won’t want cold milk.

If I’m travelling further than walking distance and I’m using a car I’ll leave the house when he’s due a nap.  The car makes him sleep, and if he’s not tired and full of energy he’ll just get upset because there is nothing for him to do.  So timing is pretty crucial.

As I’m not a morning person I tend to use Baby London’s morning nap as an excuse for me to go back to sleep too.

As I’m feeding him with shop bought food (lets be honest it’s more convenient and the stuff you can buy now is better than what I’d be able to make so why give myself more work at the moment?!!  Obviously all brands are different but read the ingredients on the back of the food and you’ll find the good ones easy!  Once we’ve moved I’ll probably start cooking him meals then), I make sure I use the pouches for if he needs to be fed outside and use the jars for when I’m feeding him indoors.

Other than that I try to teach him new things, play games with him and smother that fat cheeked face with kisses.


He’s a happy little boy but he’s energetic so he has to be allowed to stretch his legs and climb/crawl/stand.  He falls over and hits his head countless times so he can’t be left if he isn’t in a safe ‘docking station.’  He grabs at everything and puts what he can in his mouth so I make sure that anything that’s a choking hazard is absolutely no where near him.



6 thoughts on “8 Month Old Baby Routine

    • I’m going to miss his second nap when he drops it! When does Eliot nap? I’m guessing it’s not the morning one which means I won’t be able to go back to bed :( lol x

    • I hope so too! Although I know he won’t tell me if he does struggle.. he’ll pretend it was the easiest thing ever… pfffttt men! hahaha xx

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