Alternative to Pregnacare?

Pregnacare.  If you’ve been pregnant you’ll know what Pregnacare is.  Huge, massive pills you swallow daily during pregnancy.  Don’t get me wrong they aren’t essential, but once you’re pregnant you do feel responsible for that life growing inside you and providing the right nutrients to help minimise potential problems becomes a top priority.

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I’ve never been much of a pill taker, but my diet during pregnancy was awful.  Some days I just didn’t feel hungry or I just didn’t ‘fancy’ anything in particular and everything presented to me was just not what I wanted.  (I’m sure many pregnant ladies relate to this).  So I made sure I swallowed those damn pills.  They were huge, I had to put them in my mouth and get myself into the right frame of mind to swallow them always fearing I’d end up choking on them.  Cutting them didn’t help either because the edges were so sharp.  But for my unborn child I persevered until I was about 6 months pregnant.  After that I just couldn’t handle taking them anymore.  The iron taste they left in my mouth would make me heave.

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Unfortunately for me they were the only real option on the market.

But for newly pregnant ladies or future pregnancies there is a new brand to be aware of.  Mum Kind.


And they provide the needed pregnancy nutrients in a chocolate bar… my kind of company :)

I had low blood pressure during pregnancy and always kept some high sugary treat on me at all times, but having one of the Mum Kind Bump to Baby Bars in my hand bag would have prevented the mass consumption of useless calories (they contain half the calories of a normal chocolate bar).  Plus each bar contains 25% of all the essential nutrients needed for a growing bump!  Next time I pee on a stick and that blue line appears I’m putting in a mass order, because those bars are yummy!


Another pregnancy essential is ginger to prevent the queasiness that many Mum’s suffer with early on in pregnancy.  I bought sugared ginger pieces that were revolting, rather than help me feel better I actually felt worse.  Struggling to eat a piece of ginger just wasn’t on my agenda of fun!  But Ginger Me Baby Lozenges are seriously yummy (they also have calming chamomile as an ingredient of the lozenge too).  Whether they work in terms of helping Mothers through early pregnancy I can’t say, as my baby has long been out!  But I don’t think any pregnant Mother would struggle to eat them, they taste that good.  I’m consuming them like they’re boiled sweets.  If I’m queasy with nausea in pregnancy number two, again I’ll be turning to these lozenges.  Plus the wrappers are clear so if you’re trying to keep early pregnancy a secret these won’t give you away.

Finally Water Our Way is a yummy berry flavoured liquid us poor tired Mum’s can add to water to help combat tiredness and fatigue due to the B vitamins it contains.  With no calories but plenty of flavour I’ve been keeping a tiny bottle in my handbag to spruce up bottled water when I’m out and about.  Again I can only give top marks on flavour and taste, Mum Kind have really made sure all their products taste great.  Plus as a busy Mum I know I sometimes don’t get the needed nutrients I should have per day, today I’ve eaten two cinnamon whirls, some three-minute noodles and a pain au chocolat (it’s been a busy day carting MrLondonMum to hospital for an operation and trying to make sure Baby London has all his needs catered for).  At least I’m getting some vitamins in somehow with a squeeze of Water Our Way into my water.

As a brand I fully expect them to take over, the products are brilliant and if I have another baby they will be the company I’ll search for.  They’re a new company but they’ve sold out on many products after such a good response from The Baby Show where they had samples out for people to try.

My only negative I suppose is the packaging.  I’m not overly keen on it.  The products are brilliant but the packaging doesn’t grab me and had I not had the chance to sample the products I wouldn’t necessarily pick them up on a shelf to try.  It’s all a bit too purple, flimsy and busy for me.  But for my only fault to be the aesthetics isn’t exactly a negative to be fair.  If the company decide to change the appearance of the products one day it still won’t change the excellent quality of the items inside the packaging which is the actual item being sold.

(Disclosure: I was sent a sample of Mum Kind products to review and give my honest opinion on).


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