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It’s a personal thing how you feel about a little nip/tuck.  But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the wealth of treatments available on the market that are there to help us grow old disgracefully 😉

I mean that very tongue in cheek.  Because on the one hand some might say all these treatments are negatively influencing our society, but on the other hand I think a little tweak here and there purely for the personal benefit of the person receiving the treatment can be viewed very positively.

And I’m not one to shy away as long as it’s non invasive.

So when The New York Laser Clinic got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out their 3D LipoMed machine I felt there was no reason for me to turn them down.


The 3D LipoMed machine is one of the most advanced machines for non surgical fat removal.  It’s in stark contrast to the traditional lipo methods.

Firstly there are no after effects, there’s no pain and there’s no down time at all required.

For me it sounded too good to be true.

When I turned up to the clinic my lovely therapist assessed me and told me straight away that I wouldn’t be able to have the cryolipolysis treatment done via the 3D LipoMed machine on the area I was hoping for.  My stomach.

Post baby as I’m sure many mums can sympathise, I feel like I could certainly remove a full roll of fat.  But my therapist disagreed and said I just didn’t have enough fat in the area to treat safely.

Cryolipolysis is the controlled and safe freezing of fat cells, so you need to be able to pinch a significant amount of fat between your fingers before you can use this method for treatment.

Instead she decided we should use the machine for a combination of treatments on my upper thighs.


Oh well, there’s stubborn fat there too 😉

Before starting the treatment I was measured up.  The results are instant and they can show you the difference after your treatment straight away.

Without having the figures down on paper you might not notice the loss of a few centimetres here and there, so it was great to have the numbers written down for comparison.


The treatment itself wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  It started with the ultrasound cavitation which creates a pressure wave that fat cells can’t withstand causing the fat to turn into liquid.

The second part of the treatment involved the treated area to be heated up to a certain temperature using a 6 point probe that is continuously moving in circles over some cold gel.  The radio frequency is meant to encourage new collagen production causing the skin to look firmer and tighter.


Because the body is heated up to quite a high temperature it’s essential to make sure you are well hydrated before the treatment, plus of course it will help flush out the toxins immediately post treatment.

After the treatment I was told to just keep drinking fluid throughout the day, because it’s essential you do remove all the melted fat because if you don’t obviously it’ll attach itself elsewhere in the body.  Not something you really want to happen.

In terms of after effects, I was completely fine.  I was told to expect bruising, but I didn’t get any bruising at all.  My thighs felt bruised for a few days post treatment but nothing significant that bothered me.

As a treatment I don’t feel like I need to focus on my thighs just yet,  so I wouldn’t get a course of treatments in this area right now.  Although a  little extra help pre holiday wouldn’t go amiss if I felt I had a bit of stubborn fat that I fancied zapping away.

My thighs since I had the treatment have certainly felt firmer to touch and I feel like they’re more sculpted and more slender than they were.

For me my main objective is still to get my tummy looking like it did pre baby, and I think parts of this machine will help with that such as the radio frequency, as it would help tighten the area especially if the fat isn’t there like my therapist advised.

I’m really glad I got to experience the way in which this machine can be used and it’s great knowing the machine can be programmed to suit the needs of the patient and give the results required.

(Disclosure: Complimentary treatment)



  1. I’ve recently been wondering about this treatments, so interested to read about an experience. It’s good to know that they feel firmer to touch, seems like it worked. I wouldn’t say no x

    • I think I would go back and do radio frequency on my stomach to tone the skin. I’m not too worried about body fat but like I said if I fancied a bit of pre beach prep I wouldn’t hesitate 😉

    • The name initially put me off because I’ve seen it around but always thought it involved needles etc. Thankfully it doesn’t!

  2. Oh I am jealous, this sounds like a fantastic procedure. I am all for a bit of something to help you feel and look better, particularly post-baby x

    • Me too, I have no problem trying and testing things if it’s something I think could benefit the way I feel about myself.

  3. This treatment sounds fab! It’s pretty amazing what they can do these days. I completely agree with you and if it helps to feel better about yourself, then why not?! Great review x

    • Imagine how advanced it’ll be when our children have children!!! Lucky things lol. x

  4. I’ve been offered the chance to try out this treatment by New York Laser Clinic as well - i’ve been feeling pretty dubious about it i must admit, but your experience is reassuring, although must have been disappointing that they weren’t able to treat the area you wanted.x

    • The therapist I had was so lovely, it’s quite an amazing treatment and you do see the results on paper straight away. Definitely give it a go!

    • It was, it was fab seeing the results an knowing that as a machine it actually works! I would definitely pick this treatment over the normal fat sucking lipo that typically people get.

    • It’s great that they can do these things now without the invasive procedures they used to do!

  5. This sounded like a really cool treatment. That ultrasound technology that causes fat cells to turn to liquid is pretty neat!

  6. Now this kind of treatment absolutely fascinates me enough to want to try it, the science behind it all is just amazing x

    • I know, I’m all for a little helping hand, but I don’t have a high pain threshold at all. x

  7. It’s so great that you felt better afterwards. Sounds like an easy way to get a confidence boost, especially before going on holiday like you said 😀

    • Great for that confidence boost. It think you get the best results if you go for a curse of treatments but there was definite results after the first one anyway!

    • I think for anyone that’s considered traditional lipo they should definitely explore this treatment first.

    • I loved it, loved that it didn’t have any down time. I think most people bruise though so something to think about if it is a pre holiday treat!

    • I did take some before and after photos but because the size difference is minimal when you visually look at it it really is better to see it in person with a tape measure for the results. It’s a procedure you’d normally do in a course, so there would be a much bigger difference for before and after pictures that way.

    • Definitely, I think for anyone considering lipo as a treatment this is perhaps a brilliant alternative without the down time.

  8. It sounds quite interesting while reading. As you said in your post that The 3D LipoMed machine is one of the most advanced machines for non surgical fat removal. Is this painful while treatment? And Is it give side effects after treatment?

    • I think many people may find they get some bruising with it but I didn’t although it did feel like I had bruising. But it wasn’t at all painful during or after.

  9. Your review appears one sided? As tho you work for the company? I’m looking for an impartial review before I go ahead with treatment. I can’t seem to find one.

    • I don’t work for the company, and I was never paid to go experience the treatment. The results are there when they measure you before and after. I think a course of treatments would be very effective.

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