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Travelling can be an amazing opportunity for families to have that uninterrupted time with each other.

Leaving behind home comforts means that everyone is more likely to explore, break the rules and go with the flow.

I know from when we go away that Little London’s bed time goes out of the window, and we make sure to plan fun adventures and pack as much as we can into a day- whether that’s holidaying abroad or holidaying somewhere closer to home.

In fact when planning a holiday in advance I know that once we reach our destination everything will be fine.  I usually worry about the getting there part.

But research has actually shown that kids are enjoying the journey just as much as the holiday.  

And I can see why.

I usually start planning how to keep Little London occupied for however long a journey might take weeks in advance.  Slowly preparing and buying bits that I know will ease our lives because it’ll ease the boredom of his.

So here’s how I travel with my toddler:

1. Snacks

Healthy snacks that take ages to eat for a toddler are great for keeping them occupied for a while.  Little raisin boxes, coconut chips, Bear nibbles.  They all go down well, and if your child is like mine where they eat one at a time it buys you a considerable amount of silence.

2. Tablets

Portable entertainment devices are essential for sanity.  While a child may enjoy normal mental stimulation with mum and dad and the views for a couple of hours, any longer and they really do need something that’ll keep them busy.

To prevent hearing the dreaded “are we there yet” make sure to have a tablet ready with some downloaded games, films and music.

In fact over 50% of Londoners agree that an iPad is an essential tool for travelling.

On our tablet we have mainly tv shows downloaded for Little London and also Frozen which is his favourite movie.

In fact the combination of music and storytelling is something he loves about Disney, so I’d love to get him watching some more Disney’s.

^^ Image provided courtesy of Disney

DisneyLife is a unique digital membership service from Disney which gives access to all things Disney and Pixar related.  Including movies, TV shows, books and music.

With temporary downloads to enjoy offline or instant streaming it’s a great way to provide Disney fans with everything they may need in one place.

Growing up myself on Disney I know how magical the world is and it is something I want Little London to experience.

^^Image provided courtesy of Disney

It’s nice to see some of my old favourites in the top 10 current most popular Disney movies.

1. Finding Nemo
2. Frozen
3. Tangled (2010)
4. The Incredibles
5. The Lion King
6. Beauty and The Beast (1991)
7. Toy Story 3
8. Monsters, Inc.
9. Secret of The Wings
10. Bolt
(The UK’s top 10 Disney movies according to DisneyLife usage from 8 August – 14 August 2016). 

4. Early morning/Night travelling

Some parents will hate the idea of this, but I like travelling preferably when I know my son will be tired.  I will happily wake him up at 4am in the morning to catch a ridiculously early morning flight.  I’ll usually leave him in his pyjamas and change him at the airport and force him to walk everywhere before boarding a flight where I know he’ll be so knackered he’ll sleep the entire time.  Granted the airport situation isn’t much fun, but it’s worth it for an easy flight.

I have yet to travel with him via night-time on a plane but if I were going long haul that would be my preference.

When it comes to long drives as well, I also implement these rules.  I like to leave London early in the morning and stop off at a service station for lunch and a bit of a walk around knowing we may only have a couple more hours in the car.

And night-time driving guarantees that we’ll get anywhere without any issues because he’ll happily sleep in the back.

5. Surprise Bag

Having a surprise bag ready which is full of little wrapped up gifts is a great idea.

It needn’t cost a lot of money but being able to give your child a new “gift” every half an hour or every hour will keep them occupied that bit longer.

Small cars go down well with my child, sticker books, story books, colouring in books- in fact a lot of things you can pick up cheaply from second-hand shops.

Try and use things they haven’t seen previously because they’ll spend that bit longer working out new toys.  I like the idea of wrapping up ideas on what to do as well.  Perhaps a small toy microphone might encourage some great family singing.

Again if you have any Disney fans I’m sure they know the words of the songs to their favourite movies.

^^Image provided courtesy of Disney

No guesses for what my son’s song choices are.  In fact here he is at two attempting his own sing-a-long (first part of the video).

He’s a bit better on the words now and has a few more Frozen songs in his repetoire thankfully!

Here are the UK’s current top 10 Disney songs if you need some song inspiration.

1. Try Everything (Zootopia)
2. Let It Go (Frozen)
3. When Will My Life Begin? (Tangled)
4. Circle of Life (the Lion King)
5. Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
6. Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)
7. A Whole New World (Aladdin)
8. I Just can’t Wait To Be King (The Lion King)
9. Do You Want To Build A Snowman (Frozen)
10. Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
(The UK’s top 10 Disney songs according to DisneyLife usage from 8 August – 14 August 2016).

Disclosure: Post in collaboration with DisneyLife.



  1. These are some great tips, I love the idea of a surprise bag and Disneylife sounds fab, it’s something Ava would love. Also agreewith the early morning/ late night travelling too! x

    • The surprise bag only works if you hide the bag from sight lol… otherwise he’d want all the presents at once! Disney life is a fab service. For me as well.. I love me a bit of disney! hahah x

  2. Snacks is a must for any age! I’ve to always have something to munch on whenever I’m travelling! I love DisneyLife so much, it’s great that kids can portabley watch all of what was my favourite shows and movies from when I was a kid!

    • I know- I love watching all the films I used to watch too hahah. I love a good Disney!

  3. A surprise bag and a tablet are a must! My 3 year old hasn’t watched any disney movies yet but I think it’s time…

    • Before I had my son I was so anti tablets for young children. I totally take that back. The world is a different place to when we all grew up and tablets are so essential.

  4. These are great tips! I’m really surprised at the UK’s favourite Disney films, I would have thought there would be more classics in there!

    • I love the classics, I’m trying to get my son into them. But it’s so hard when the quality of the newer releases is just so amazing compared to previous footage- doesn’t stop me though 😉

  5. great hacks - I love carrying healthy snacks, otherwise it starts with an innocent bar of chocolate and then goes downhill from there 😉

    • Yep- I learnt that lesson quick!!! The snacks HAVE to be healthy-ish. Otherwise meltdown mode happens 20 mins later! lol.

  6. Haha – Great post LondonMum! Journey surprise ‘appy packs? hackie snackie packies? Disney sing-a-long ‘classics?’ (see, you can do ‘propa’ classics haha) – so while in the back seat, LittleLondon can … ‘bang his drum & yell-a-long with Mum’ … (think OH may prefer AWTY? ha) all great advice – I find that with ‘L’ haha … who’s just scared me btw - tells me an “O’s” been sent GHM while I’ve been B+WC trekking!! ‘Eagle’ understood – not another move?? You’ve not done that before (says me to a lady I know who’s lived in more countries than I’ve ever heard of haha.) Taking ‘L’ out shortly -‘Trar lah lah, we’re off to Shangri-La’ (classic!) Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I know can you believe it- ANOTHER move. I think I’m a secret addict to punishment or something.

  7. I have to admit I hate travelling with the kids I get stressed so easily that of one thing goes wrong I’m in meltdown, I’m definitley a panicker haha! This post is really helpful and I’ll be applying some of the tips you mentioned!

  8. This is a fab post. My daughter is obsessed with Let it go song.

  9. Great tips lovely, we’ve done all manner of flights with Theo and just tweaked sleep accordingly. Plus a load of pound shop bargains and we have one happy camper! xx

  10. Just for a second after reading the title I thought you’re travelling with 5 kids!! Than I started reading and I got the message.
    Number 4 is a good idea. I mean, it sounds a bit cruel, but it actually is perfectly reasonable. Number 5 balances it off, right 🙂

    • Hahah it’s actually really surprising how little it generally affects him. I tend to sort everything out as we’re leaving the house, getting him last and putting him straight into his car seat to drive to the airport. He usually drops straight off to sleep again. The airport bit can be tough because he’s tired and with all he airport checks he can’t stay asleep, but once on the flight he’s usually asleep again before take off! Score lol. x

  11. Brilliant tips! I also do all of the above when travelling with my little ones. I recently had my first ever drive to France as the sole adult with the four of them and we all survived!

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