5 Travel Blogger Essentials

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It’s no hidden fact that I love to travel, which is why I’ve branched into quite a bit of travel blogging on The London Mum.


It’s my excuse to hop on a plane and go and explore somewhere I’ve yet to discover.

Taking pictures has also been a love affair for as long as I can remember, so really travel blogging isn’t much more work for me when I’m away.  It’s just pure passion.

However, being a travel blogger does mean a few more things make it into your suitcase because there are some necessities that the standard traveller might not need, but a blogger does.

So I thought I’d let you know what I’ve found useful and what I’ve learnt from my last few travelling breaks.

1. With so many people travelling now, it’s always worth checking out social media hashtags especially on Instagram, of the place you’re visiting.

What you can guarantee is that someone has been, and they’ve gone to places that haven’t made it onto your usual google searches and are therefore unheard of- maybe only known to locals.

You will also find unique ways to take pictures because with thousands of pictures to go through, you can see the best angles before you even get there!

2. With digital cameras now a blogger can take a multitude of pictures just to make sure they’re happy with the end result.

On a two day break recently I took over 1000 high resolution images.  This does mean going through memory cards like no tomorrow.

Western Digital have a portable hard drive called My Passport.

The device is sleek, light, small and compact and available in various capacities from 500MB to 3TB of storage.


That means after a day out travelling I can back up all my photos and if anything happens to the card all my work is safe as well as password protected and hardware encrypted.

In fact My Passport offers some of the best security out there for portable hard drives. And you are able to back everything up to The Cloud easily for that added protection so if the hard drive is misplaced or stolen, it won’t prevent you from accessing your pictures- something which every hardened traveller will appreciate.  

And with a great warranty which lasts for three years and brilliant customer support it’s a device that you know will last.  

3. Being able to back up the most important feature for a blog post (your photos) does mean you have to bring a laptop with you.  They don’t get much better than the Macbook Air 13 inch for speed, efficiency and lightness.

4. With so many electronical goods, charging always becomes an issue when abroad.  Phones, laptops, cameras…

Scrambling for adaptors and making sure as many things are charged overnight as possible becomes a tiresome game.  A socket extension solves the problem, and only one travel adaptor is needed to get up to maybe 4 plug sockets ready for you to use.

5. I travel with other people who luckily are as passionate about taking photographs as I am.  However there are times when I’m in a situation where I’m alone and the perfect picture is just in front of me but there’s no one there to take the photo, or the lighting is getting quite low and without a steady camera hand the image blurs.


The Joby Gorilla SLR tripod makes all the difference here.  With a camera remote (which you can buy cheaply) you can take your own pictures without the need for other people or get the perfect shutter speed lighting for that beautiful landscape image.

The flexible, wrap around legs of the portable tripod means you can attach it to most sturdy things to keep your camera stable.

This is a sponsored post with Western Digital My Passport.



  1. I have the Joby tripod and I think it fantastic! It’s the best camera equipment I have brought! Such a great post lovely. Always love reading your travel posts xx

    • I was really nervous when I first bought it because I didn’t think it would hold the camera- I’ve tried other products and they’re just not comparable

  2. Great advice! I recently got a camera with WIFI, so if I want to Instagram any picture at the moment I can do it :).
    I need to get a hard drive, was looking for something slim, so My Passport sounds like a good option!

    • I love that you can get wifi cards now!!! Yeah the hard drive is so slim and light to bring travelling.

    • Losing photos is my worst nightmare, it’s happened once and you swiftly learn!

  3. I love to check the hashtags of hotels I want to visit to see how the resort looks before booking! I also have that tripod, it’s amazing- one of my favourite blog purchases (I didn’t think it would hold my camera either!) xx
    CHARLOTTE EVANS recently posted…Roger&Gallet Aura MirabilisMy Profile

    • Instagram has given me some great hidden tips or encouraged me to order something because it looks amazing. x

    • Same! I literally go through SD cards like no tomorrow and there’s not nearly enough storage on my lap top!

  4. Some really great tips here, especially about Instagram!
    Tara recently posted…4 Sex Toys Every Woman Needs To TryMy Profile

    • It’s amazing- it’s so nice to just be able to clear my card at the end of the day.

  5. I’ve not heard of that my passport thing but it looks good. We’re away in a couple of weeks so I’ll defo be looking at hashtags for our destination x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…What to Buy Dad for his 70th - The Book of Everyone ReviewMy Profile

    • It’s great a really light slim hard drive. Great for clearing your memory cards at the end of each day safely. x

  6. That hard drive looks amazing - some great products here.
    Claire recently posted…Travel: The Library Hotel, New YorkMy Profile

    • Oh no. It’s devastating isn’t it. I lost all my travelling pictures from before having my son and it’s so annoying. I took the laptop in to try and get recovered but nothing 🙁

    • Very true. I don’t use my phone as much when I’m away though, I prefer to take my pictures on the dslr and transfer them online. So my phone usually only needs the night time charge 🙂

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