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Back in 2013 before Little London was born we knew the potential for our family to grow was going to be quite high on the agenda.  So buying a stroller that we could use with him and then hopefully keep to use for a second was always of the utmost importance.

We didn’t want to have to buy one stroller, and then a year later buy a twin stroller.  Instead we wanted to find the perfect stroller for our needs with one child, and then have that stroller convert into a twin pushchair if needed.

After all the cost of a new stroller is quite expensive, so finding one that fits your needs from the beginning and also your future needs really needs to be accounted for.

As it turned out we didn’t need to use a twin stroller because by the time Baby London was born Little London was coming to the end of his journey with a stroller anyway.

Still the original purchase wasn’t a waste of money because with careful research we still picked a stroller that we knew would last and wouldn’t date, so Baby London gets to use that stroller now.  No money lost in that investment at all.

And that is what a good stroller is.  An investment.

So being a member of the Baby Jogger Squad, I was excited to attend their press day at Bourne and Hollingsworth for the launch of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX followed by an amazing afternoon tea.

Not only does this stroller promise to be useful for a growing family, but it has the ability for up to three children to use it simultaneously.

Television presenter Helen Skelton was there to introduce the stroller and discuss her needs now that she’s a mum of two young children Ernie, 2 and Louis, 8 months.

She’s at that stage where she isn’t able to leave the house without a double stroller.  Her children still need to nap throughout the day, and with just a single stroller she realised quite quickly that she wasn’t able to keep her older child safe at all times.  Being a typical toddler when she turned her back to tend to the baby her oldest would often put himself in danger without realising it.

The beauty of the all-terrain Baby Jogger City Select Lux though isn’t just the fact you can use it for multiple children.  But the fact it can be configured in over 20 different ways comfortably.

^^Here I am sharing the configurations on instastories.

Both seats can parent face or forward face and a bassinet can be used for newborns too.  Two of them if you happen to have twins!

Older children have the option of a glider board or a bench seat once they’ve outgrown the seat unit, which I thought was an amazing option for children such as Little London who don’t have the need for a stroller anymore, but who can still get weary on a long day out.

With a huge basket the City Select Lux also makes the perfect shopping companion, and if needs be an additional shopping tote can be positioned onto the stroller in three different spots to give even more shopping space.  Perfect for parents like me that do the shop while doing the morning nursery run as well.

Of course as always safety is at the highest level with Baby Jogger.  A fully loaded stroller with up to three children is always going to be heavy going down hills as gravity pulls on it.  But with auto lock, a  2-in-1 decelerating brake and parking brake that are all controlled via the handle bar, safety is quite literally at your fingertips.

After getting to test out the strollers ourselves we were then able to tuck into the beautifully displayed afternoon tea while talking all things family and parenting with our fellow bloggers.

All in all a wonderful event hosted by Baby Jogger and a great introduction to the City Select Lux.  Keep an eye out on the blog because I’ll be doing a full review of it shortly.

The City Select Lux can be used from birth through to 15kg and is available in the UK now.  It’s currently priced at £669.99 for the single stroller and £879.98 for the double.  

Disclosure: Pictures provided by Baby Jogger.




  1. I saw a few bloggers I follow on Instagram sharing about the event - looks like it was fantastic (that cake…)! Look forward to seeing more about the stroller x

  2. Oh wow LOVE this pram!! I had three children in two years so could actually have one with a triple, but instead went with a double and a sling and got the Baby Jogger City Mini double. I would so have had this though!

    • Isn’t it?! I find a lot of double pushchairs either look like they’re uncomfortable or they’re too wide to be truly practical.

  3. Strollers are definitely expensive and getting the right one which can be re-used is a great investment. Sounds like you had a lovely event.

  4. Looks like you took part in a great event and learned a lot about the stroller. It looks like the perfect choice for new moms who were blessed with twins or with children very close one after the other.

    • Definitely! It must be so hard when expecting twins to find a stroller that ticks all the boxes

  5. WOw, 20 ways to configure the jogger is just incredible. My sister has been trying out her jogger today for the first time and loves it!

  6. The cake looks absolutely delicious! What a fab event. I would love to hear more about the jogger it looks fantastic. x

  7. I wish this stroller had been around when my two were little because it is GORGEOUS - look forward to seeing your review!! Also, how pretty is that cake? Looks too good to eat lol xx

    • hahah I think everyone was too scared to cut into the cake because of how pretty it looked.. I volunteered my services there of course 😉 haha

  8. looks like such a fun event and the cakes look lovely too! I like the stroller its very practical, if I have another baby I will have this on my wish list

  9. My cousin recently has triplets and this pram would be perfect for her! Looks is it was a beautiful event too.

  10. The event looks beautiful! What an amazing product, so easy to make it want you need it to be! Sounds amazing!

    • Know right-just what a parent needs with lots of young children to keep safe.

    • It would have been! Hopefully it can help other mums like you who had three little ones at the same time 🙂

  11. Another brilliantly wise & well thought out practical post if you don’t mind me saying LondonMum? – We bet your ‘little sparklers stroller chariot’ (along with the other all-important safety - taxed & MOT’d(?) - gizmos) is the very latest automatic hybrid model with built in sat nav; purely for the athletic LondonMums providing of the, “Are we there yet?” ‘push-n-whoosh’ power steering direction (while burning off all of those cake calories haha.) Hope you won’t mind me also saying LondonMum – (‘cos it’s just gotta be said c’mon;) just look at your talented little handsome heart breaker ‘prince’ - what on earth are you feeding him on? – to say he’s magnificently ‘sprouting’ is an understatement – wowie! – bet he’s in the nursery 1st XV rugby team ha!! … &, not forgetting, another future heart-breaker (still warm) ‘belle-of-the-crib princess’,– she’s a sparkling smasher!! - they’re both an ‘out-of-this-world’ absolute credit to you!! You’ve just got to be sssooo so proud!’ Hope they’re both not on a Christmas ‘high’ just yet though ha?

    Sorry to be ‘off-theme’ now … just hit the 10 days away-from-home pre-Christmas shows-n-gigs ‘avalanche’ roads - which hasn’t gone down too well with my ‘commanding officer’ haha - but, your Christmas LondonMum (all original compositions) Personalised Album ‘EAGLE’ HAS ALREADY LANDED … including a rather cringing unearthed “yesteryear challenge” (now remixed) track – you’ll know which one - gulp – oh the embarrassment haha. Please feel free to use any appropriate track/s for possible promos. etc. (but NOT THAT ONE please haha) – all tracks’re commercially B+WC studio recorded & both P.R.S. licence details & copyrights are already registered & all have been transferred to you should you decide to use anything … no studio royalties involved – they can be all yours. I hope you like it? Gotta go – hope all’s well. Have a great family run-up to Christmas – stay calm … LondonMum’s in charge … yo ho ho! Onwards LondonMum. (Apologies for length & detail.)

    • Pahahah I can’t wait to get it now!!! I’m wondering what song it’ll be.. if I remember rightly there was some good ones 😉 Oh how I miss those days!

  12. HAHAHAHA – WELL PLAYED LondonMum!!! Get the ‘prince-n-princess’ wrapped up well & loaded into their grand royal jogger carriage – set it to ‘turbo’ & you’ll soon find out haha. Home before midnight tho – don’t want it turning into a pumpkin haha.
    An even more embarrassing ‘Chicken Challenge’ from yesteryear awaits you as an “O” … I know you won’t remember that horror challenge cos’ that’s going way way back but happy “O” ‘cringe-ing’ ha. – and, as if that’s not embarrassing enough, dare I say it? – ‘THE LONDONMUMS CLASSICS ALBUM’ aboard EAGLE 2 HAS NOW ALSO LANDED. Apologies for poss. bad timing … just be careful where you play it for ‘gawds’ sake haha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

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