A Royal Morning

Waking up to glorious sunshine is always a winner on a Sunday morning.  The bright rays just scream ‘let’s go an adventure.’

And that’s certainly something that’s changed since having a baby.  I eagerly anticipate the day ahead not knowing what might happen, because nothing can be too rigid or overly planned with a child in tow.  My pace is forcefully slowed down, and my eyes are opened up to more of the surrounding environment than ever before.  I love it!

So with the sun streaming through our bedroom window, we decided to go and start our day in one of the most beautiful parks in London.  St. James’s Park.  With the recent birth of Princess Charlotte we thought it would be rude not to hang out in her Grandmother’s back garden!

But no adventure can start without your belly being full.  So we stopped off at Inn the Park.

Crossing The Mall and walking through the entrance of St James’s Park, the glorious wooden structure just ahead was calling our name, enticing us into the cafe-restaurant.




Having ordered some tea and juice (venetian rose black tea for me please)…


…myself and Mr London Mum perused the exciting menu.

The wonderful thing about Inn the Park is that the chefs seem to have the perfect balance of using the finest ingredients and giving it a little poke of excitement, without compromising on flavour or taking away from the produce they use.

I toyed with the healthier options on the menu (which are plentiful and novel) before giving in and ordering a stack of pancakes.  But don’t think too badly of me, I did give up my usual need for something sweet by opting for a savoury dish.  The Singleton’s cheddar, maple cured bacon and spring onion pancakes with a poached egg took my fancy.


And I couldn’t have been happier.  The whole dish came together and all the flavours complimented each other.  I couldn’t have wanted a more luxurious, delicious start to my morning.

Seems like Little London had no complaints either eating my dish, and he got dibs on the bread basket too!



In fact being a cafe-restaurant meant Inn the Park has a wonderful laid back atmosphere.  There’s a self service side where you can help yourself to some wonderful delicious food including bakery goods- quick, easy and efficient.




Or you can sit in their restaurant part and enjoy their waiting service.  The fact that both are options means you’ll never have to deal with any kiddy issues!  (Kids in a good mood, get waited on and sit down.  Kids in a foul mood, self serve.  Don’t care what mood the kids are in? Take your pick!)

Don’t worry about seating, Inn the Park has ample amounts of it.  From terrace outside seating, to the perimeter bench on its rooftop.



If it’s slightly chillier like it is in the morning’s, you can sit indoors and look out of the floor to ceiling height windows at the beautiful fountain opposite.




There couldn’t be a more beautiful way to start a Sunday morning.  (Or to end the day either, it’s a brilliant location to watch the sun go down over London with a cocktail or two.  They also have an amazing rose menu- I’ve been with friends in the evening for one of their legendary BBQ’s).

A few steps from Inn the Park is a great spot to indulge in a little bit of pond activity.  I wish we’d kept hold of some bread from the bread basket.  With swans, geese and baby ducklings out in full force we spent a lot of time quacking at our son hoping he might copy.  Nothing.  We might have looked odd, but everything’s a lesson right?



Being in St. James’s Park meant we weren’t far from many of the main London attractions, so we decided to head to a couple.


Starting with the playground ;).  We were impressed with the children’s area in St James’s Park.  They had a beautiful sand pit which was perfect for playing in as the sun continued to beat down.  With boulders all around the outside of it, Little London tried his escape routine, but found he lacked the upper body strength of a rock climber and the height to just hop over!


He enjoyed playing in the sand for a while before we moved on to the swings and the other park favourites.  A great park to burn off little people energy!

Through the trees we glimpsed Her Majesty’s home.  With the flag hoisted high we thought we’d pop by on the off-chance for an invite in.


No such luck,  but we did catch the Queen’s Guards marching through the palace gates before watching a parade of current service men and Royal Marine veterans marching up The Mall.  I’m not sure what the parade was for, but it was wonderfully orchestrated and a delight to see.



Being in the throng of the crowd was exhilarating, and when the last of the service men became a mere dot on the horizon we continued on our journey…




…to see more men in uniform.  The Troopers of the Blues and Royals.  It seemed like we were just finding all the uniformed men in the city.  I wasn’t complaining of course.

With nap time on the cards we toddled off home, happy with our mornings Royal adventure.

(Disclosure: Complimentary breakfast at Inn the Park.)



  1. Looks like a glorious day was had by all ha - excellent LondonMum!! Just back from Germany, nothing so pageantry there - just a cakeless stuffy studio! No wonder your muscular little man couldn’t manage his attempted rock escapade - he was full of cake ha!. Great post!! We’re so glad you had a fabulous family day Must go - back to usual on-the-hoof chaos now. Onwards LondonMum. ‘Official.’

    • cakeless studio? I thin k you need to start a demanding list of dressing room must haves!

  2. Donna,

    The last time I saw the changing of the guards was a few years ago, when we took a packed lunch and took two of my nephews to London for the day. A trip to the London eye was in order too.

    It’s such a wonderful day out, isn’t it!
    Sarah recently posted…Pan Roasted CerealMy Profile

    • It really is, I don’t think I’ve seen it since I was a little girl, and that’s pretty shameful considering I live here! You just forget about the things tourists do when you live here and don’t really venture out of your borough. x

  3. Such lovely pictures, I wish my Sunday mornings were as good as yours! The food looks delicious and how amazing to just be able to pass by Buckingham Palace. I can’t wait for my trip to London now :)

    Fi @ http://www.dollydowsie.com

    • They aren’t all like like- especially rainy mornings lol xx

    • I can imagine during the day it must get packed- but definitely pick up some self service bits (including a bottle or two hahaha) and take advantage of sitting in the park if the weather is nice :)

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