A Royal Tea| St. Ermin’s Hotel

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if one day the Queen pops by St. Ermin’s for afternoon tea.  In fact I’ll say it now- I really think she should.


After all, it’s a mere 5 minute walk from her London residence of Buckingham Palace.


And the aptly named “Royal Tea” is inspired by Her Majesty’s favourite foods and is made using only the finest British ingredients.


For those seeking a bit of a Royal experience, I can not recommend St. Ermin’s enough.


The setting has the elegance of a four star deluxe rated hotel with large cast iron gates opening to reveal the courtyard front of St. Ermin’s all while being central to many of London’s important sites.


With grand sweeping staircases and a wonderful outdoor seating terrace we felt thoroughly spoilt as we were shown to our seats.


With London going through a heat wave it felt like we’d hit gold.


With the option of a glass of “Going strong at 90” for myself and Mr London Mum(a Chambord and champagne cocktail), or a half bottle of champagne or unlimited champagne we settled on the cocktail mix with the aim of staying “parent appropriate.”


Had we not had our Son with us there’s no doubt we’d still be enjoying the unlimited Champagne option 😉


The Royal Tea is available until the 31st Ausgust, and it’s certainly one you need to make sure you try out.


Mr London Mum considers it a cut above all the ones we’ve ever tried, and I have to say I agree.  It’s in my top London afternoon tea’s.

You just can’t argue with it.  The Queen has impeccable taste, and the chef’s at St. Ermin’s execute her favoured foods to an extremely high standard.

Cornish lobster served in a mini toasted brioche roll, fresh Orkney smoked salmon on brown bread, home cured Fife ham with fresh London piccalilli and organic Hampshire cucumber sandwiches with English cream cheese make up the savoury portion of the tiered afternoon tea stand.


There wasn’t one sandwich that wasn’t enjoyed, I didn’t even mind having to wait for the sweet part of the stand while I indulged in the sandwiches- something I usually don’t have the patience for.

After finishing the sandwiches and before starting on the delicious sweet treats, the warm scones were brought out to the table.  With sea salt scones, sultana scones and white chocolate scones there was a scone for every taste which pleased me immensely.

I layered on the thick clotted cream and topped each scone half with the homemade jam that still had lovely juicy strawberry pieces still in it.  Delicious.

Finally I let my eyes pick from the sweet treats.  I couldn’t resist the light fluffy espresso choux bun.  The lovely coffee flavour blended perfectly with the decadent chocolate twill that pierced through the light pastry.

After licking my fingers clean (something I’m sure isn’t Royal etiquette) I picked up “The Golden Orb.”  A Scottish shortbread with pistachio and a lemon lime curd dome with a bejewelled glaze.  It was Mr London Mum’s favourite treat on the stand and for good reason.  It was just delicious.

Unfortunately that’s where the capability of my stomach ended and so I sat back and enjoyed the delicate flavours of the Oriental green tea I picked to go along with the afternoon tea.


Mr London Mum carried on ploughing his way through the set vanilla custard, topped with poached Yorkshire rhubarb and royal meringue followed by the chocolate and Scottish raspberry grand torte.  To say I’m jealous now as I write this is an understatement.

His chosen tea was a hot milky chai tea that was aromatic and beautiful.  Chai is always a favoured flavour in our household, so I was glad he picked this and let me share it steal some.


Now don’t let me fool you and think we were having a whale of a time while Little London just sat and watched.  Because he had his very own afternoon tea spread.


This is perhaps another reason why St Ermin’s top the ranks on afternoon teas.

They really have put time, effort and thought into creating something that children will enjoy.  The “Nine Tea” was the afternoon tea for my own little Prince- again created in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday.


With his sandwiches cut into the size of real old English pennies, my little one munched on a ham sandwich, the traditional cheese and cucumber sandwich and of course the Jam penny!

Although getting him to eat his stand in the correct order was a lot harder than it looked- I wonder if Prince George is the same 😉

He dived straight in for the chocolate and ate the white chocolate crowns and the little chocolates wrapped up like bees (in reference to the resident bee hives on the third floor wildflower terrace).


Before working his way backwards and eating his plain scone which I lavished with cream and jam of course, before taking bites out of his sandwiches.

He then ate the strawberries that stood proudly on top of the strawberry and cream cupcake before trying the chocolate biscuit cake and trying to figure out which cake he preferred.


All washed down with a lovely cold glass of apple juice.


The stand was beautifully crafted, and a real statement piece.  I loved it.  The bright yellow colour with bees painted on the side again referenced the beautiful hotel we were visiting.  At just £15 it’s certainly worth the parent brownie points for treating your child!

All in all, the St. Ermin’s afternoon tea gets a 5/5 from me.  It was everything we would have wanted and more.


To further celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, St. Ermin’s are throwing a courtyard afternoon tea street party to coincide with the Patron Lunch on The Mall on Sunday 12th June.

Along with either the Royal Tea or the Nine Tea per guest, there will also be a live jazz band, unlimited candy floss, a Pimm’s station, a cocktail serving VW camper van and full coverage of The Mall being shown.

It’s the next best thing to being invited to the Patron lunch to celebrate this important day in history in the heart of Westminster.

With only 80 seats available it’s worth booking quick!



    • Definitely a place to try out and enjoy. I know I’ll be back without a shadow of a doubt. x

  1. Oh my! Everything looks and sounds yummy! Oh I could just eat a warm scone with thick clotted cream and home made jam on top. They have truly put in a lot of effort, especially for children. It looks like your little guy is having a great time, too! I’d love to go to St. Ermin’s for afternoon tea, it looks so lovely. Your photos are beautiful xx

    • I know, the worst thing about going somewhere amazing is having to write up about it afterwards and looking through all the pictures but not being able to re eat it all as I do it. lol. x

    • It’s a beautiful hotel. I’d love to stay there one day, it’s so grand. x

    • They were lovely, and I loved how many we got. Two each of each kind. So three scones each and Little London had his own seperate scone too.

    • I was so surprised by just how much effort went in to his- it’s quite unusual to find so much thought goes into a child’s menu. It was just so lovely, and made our experience so much nicer!

  2. It’s so great they involve the children, looks fantastic, such a great afternoon. I’d love to go.

    • You should, I don’t think it’s that expensive at all for an afternoon tea. It’s certainly worth it. x

    • I think we were the only family there at the time, but it’s great they have the option of a kids afternoon tea. I can imagine it keeps all little ones happily entertained!

    • I know right- he was nice and content sitting and munching on his treats… a nice break for us 😉

    • Chai is the best isn’t it?! I just can’t drink milky teas when eating as the milk fills me up!

  3. So many places don’t know what to do with small children when it comes to afternoon tea, but this is brilliant. I have to admit, I just keep going to Fortnum or Sketch whenever I’m going for afternoon tea, just out of convenience, but this looks incredible!

    • I love Fortnum, and sketch is just such a great place for something a bit “cool.” This place is definitely one you should try out though- it’s a brilliant afternoon tea! x

  4. If I was in London I would absolutely love this. I love afternoon tea and this one looks extra special!

    • It was delicious, but I definitely didn’t mind the adult version at all- usually I’m the first to steal off my sons plate haha x

  5. Wow that looks so special! Such a shame that I am on a low carb diet at the moment. Just looking at the sweet treats makes me want to book my ticket to visit this before it is too late!

    • Maybe as the occasional treat for a special occasion instead 😉

  6. Wowwzeroos! From the glitz of the BFTA’s to a palatial regal afternoon tiffin bash. Both done in impressive style! … 1 with a reet royal radiant LondonMum smile … & t’other with a princely LittleLondon chocolate covered smile. Best check HRH is available though June 12?… give her a call … she’s got a mobile ‘throne.’ Love the rugby shorts … & braces haha. More importantly, after 12.6 another ‘on the wing’ celebration. Can’t guarantee a LondonMum accustomed banquet for this one, but’ll try … you phone HRH … & I’ll phone Harry Ramsden ha. A relieved ‘thank you.’ Hope all’s sorted. Onwards LondonMum … gotta go, catch-up & a ‘L’ SM day today ha …“eagle O.”

    • Masses of yorkshire puddings? I’m there! Hahaha. Although I do expect standards above and beyond now 😉

  7. Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things, I love that they also involve the children so nicely as well. I can see the effort they have put into this tea.

    • So much effort, audit’s all the more delicious because of it. x

  8. I do love an afternoon tea and this sounds delicious! I love the kids option too - sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon! I’ll have to head over next time I’m in town

    • You definitely should it’s a delicious afternoon tea and beautiful setting. x

  9. Oh my gosh, Chambord and champage sounds AMAZING. This looks so posh!

  10. If I could get there I’d love to try this, a nice little day out and looks like you had wonderful weather too! Too bad it seems to have taken a turn for the worse! Hopefully it gets sunnier before it ends! 🙂
    Kira C recently posted…Nude FashionMy Profile

    • It would be- I’d be over the moon to stay here for a night!

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