A Royal Treat For Children| Royal Garden Hotel

It’s not every day you can count the Royals as your neighbours.  But looking out of the huge windows in the Royal Garden Hotel suite we were in, I could see Kensington Palace proudly standing in front of a wave of tourists keen to get a picture of this beautiful home.

In fact I happily sat on the window ledge in our room and stared out at Hyde Park people watching.  I could see them walking their dogs or playing with their children in the park grounds.  Cyclists were weaving their way through from one end of the park to the other, and I could see the yellow daffodil heads bobbing around in the wind from where they sporadically grew.

In the midst of this I appreciated the gentle sounds I could hear coming from my children.  Happily occupied, they were playing in a little wigwam play tent that had been setup for them in the other room.

It immediately gave them their own space within the suite to call their own, where they could relax and play.  And as all parents can relate, happy kids mean happy parents.

But as amazing as the room was, the park was calling for us.  With an energetic four-year old it would be a shame to not take advantage of the Diana Memorial Playground and borrow the free scooters that were available from the concierge desk in the lobby.

We tried to tempt out the Royals to play, in particular Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but alas they must have missed us exuberantly waving for them in front of their gates as we scooted by.

Oh well.

We throughly enjoyed whizzing around Hyde Park.  It was a first for me using an adult sized scooter, and my son enjoyed scooting all the more by having me speeding along side him.

After spending the afternoon in the park we headed back to the Royal Garden Hotel.

We were very tempted by the in-house Chinese restaurant Min Jiang located on the tenth floor.  But with the children we decided to just relax into the evening and get the Food and Flicks Package delivered to our room instead.

It meant we had unlimited movies over a period of 24 hours in our room and a platter of food which included BBQ chicken wings, pizza wheels, big thick cut chips and the best posh fish fingers we’d ever tried.  The white fish was just beautifully cooked and so moreish.

We dipped fresh fruit skewers into a toblerone fondue and watched as the chocolate dribbled down the skewers covering the fruit.  Basically it was the midnight feast of dreams.

With the children falling asleep during Finding Dory we decided to carry on watching movies in our room and we really enjoyed the tear jerker Me Before You.

We woke up the next morning to a dreary grey London.

Shame we were checking out really because being able to just stay in such a magnificent room watching all the movies possible would have been the perfect day- alongside little trips to the health club of course, to use the sauna and steam room.

But being woken up to our room service breakfast was the best start.

It may have been raining outside, but with perfectly poached eggs, french toast, eggs florentine, the usual continental spread and good strong coffee we just relished in the slow morning.  Check out wasn’t until 12pm so we were able to enjoy a nice sedate morning.

A stress free start to the day always sets me up right.

We decided against visiting some of the places we had in mind- being Londoners it wasn’t important for us to see the sights on that particular rainy day because we weren’t against a time frame for exploring London.  But if you’re in the area, some of the nearby places I’d recommend would be:

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Natural History Musuem

The Science Museum

Paddington at Paddington Station 

Bluebird Boats

Serpentine Lido 

Hyde Park Stables

Harrods Ice Cream Parlour

Saint Aymes Cafe

The Churchill Arms

We did pop into Kensington Palace however.

A short skip, hop and a jump in the rain and we were inside the beautiful building looking at some of Diana’s stunning (and some very 80’s styled) gowns and learning about the history of the palace itself.

Our complimentary stay at the Royal Garden Hotel was a short but very sweet little trip into one of my favourite parts of London.  It’s unusual to find a 5 star hotel that’s so well catered to the needs of children, and I feel that the Royal Garden Hotel really did put in the effort to make sure my children were really well looked after and catered for.

It was a pleasure to see that our needs as parents were also highly regarded making it a wonderful hotel for all of us to enjoy.

For that extra personal touch that I feel we received, I highly recommend booking a stay with Royal Garden Hotel directly.  They’ll be able to communicate with you before your stay to make sure you know what is available to you and if anything would make your stay more enjoyable.  Of course you’ll also receive the best rate possible for your room.  By being more prepared and knowing about your family set up they’ll be able to tailor your stay appropriately.

For those flying into London from elsewhere they’ll even attempt to have your room ready before check in if the flight lands in the early morning- something they wouldn’t be able to do if you don’t book directly as they don’t have the access or means to contact you.

Don’t forget if it’s a special occasion to let them know too.  They love to surprise their guests with the extra touches 😉