A Week in the Life of… A 15 Month Old.

I have to apologise in advance, because there are a couple of months missing in this video diary, but I’m back with our 15 month video blog.  Totally my fault… but I suppose the gap will just prove how much a baby changes in a matter of months.

Life with a 15 month old is just about being active and burning off all that toddler energy.  It involves days in the park or letting him run freely around a grassy field (before chasing to get him back again).  He’s also suddenly interested in everything and anything we do, wanting to try it for himself.  That includes trying all the things we eat and drink, to pushing his own pram!


Little glimpses into socialisation are starting to show as well in a more adult way, his actions are becoming part of a bigger understanding of consequences.  Although he’s not saying any proper words yet (other than the typical ma-ma, da-da or attempted da-deeee) he does have sounds for certain objects which I’m learning, such as bo-bo for his milk bottle.

First things first though… he needed his hair sorting after that awful chop my Mother gave him (click here).  Especially as he was attending Max’s first birthday party.


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