A Week in the Life of… a 16 Month Old

This month has just seen our little man become stronger and more agile.  Instead of things barricading him in, he now just clambers over everything.  Absolutely nothing stops him.  You’ll probably notice in the video that he has a certain core stability which makes sure he always finds his balance.  It’s this new-found confidence that has seen him give up crawling up stairs where he can, preferring to take each step as an adult does.  One foot in front of the next.  This of course scares the living daylights out of me, but he’s surprisingly sensible about it at the moment.  At my parents house recently (where they have no baby gates), he never attempted to go up and down the stairs alone without waiting for someone to hold his hand.  Long may that continue- because I can foresee some accidents if he decides to knock common sense on the head!  In the video he decides to walk up some steps alone holding onto the side of a slide.

The weather was so lovely during that week, that we took advantage and got outdoors as much as possible.  We went to a little VE Day celebration, which was really quite quaint.  We got to eat cakes made as they were during the war and listen to some old war-time favourites.  Little man just clapped to his own beat when the urge took him… generally during a song and never at the end!  During the two-minute silence to remember all those service men that had lost their lives, my little cherub decided to scream and stamp his feet because he wanted to run around.  I didn’t manage to capture that on film of course, but it was mortifying.  Still that’s life with a toddler.  They don’t do silence or sitting still when you need them to!

With the gorgeous Spring weather, the flowers were out in bloom so we made sure to visit the bluebells at Ashridge park, and the rhododendron’s in Langley Park- stunning.  We also took a stroll around St James’s Park and enjoyed the activity happening in London on that day around Buckingham Palace and up and down The Mall.

Mid week we also met up with my lovely vlogging Mum crew (Sarah, Jess, Romeca), but lack of video footage means you wouldn’t know they were there.  My fault entirely! Well actually blame the kids, they all just skedaddled in different directions as soon as we got into Little Street in Frimley- which is the most amazing role play location for children.

Hope you enjoy the compressed edit of a week in the life of my 16 month old Son.



  1. BRILLIANT … absolutely brilliant !! The adventurous journey continues for you both. Where on earth did those 16 months go?? That’s scary! - What a little guy … he just gets better & better & better … and what a proud Mum! Onwards LondonMum. Official.

    • I know, he’s not far off 18 months now- which sounds reallllllly old! hahah x

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