A Week in the Life of… a 17 Month Old

This month we’ve see our Son start to interact on a daily basis with those around him now.  He’ll happily join in on games of football and start playing with other children.  He even has the audacity to steal food from other kids under strict supervision 😉


He’s started finding games in everything we do, including meal times.  And has a few words on the go now.  They aren’t clear, but I know what he’s trying to say.

In the Notting Hill area, we stumbled across The Playhut, which is in Meanwhile Gardens.  It’s a secure play area for under 5’s, and on hot days they have a little paddling area for the children to play in.  To keep running they do have to charge, but it’s only £5.00 for the entire year and you can go during opening hours as often as you like.  Pretty nifty find!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this months video:



  1. BRILLIANT LondonMum BRILLIANT!!!! Odd shape ball though?? But, someone keeps picking it up? - you know what that makes him for the future ha! We know of someone else who needs ‘picking up’ (excuse subtlety ha.) Must go, got a looming lunch time recital I’d forgotten all about so got to cram now + everything else down ‘eer! Enjoy the weather… all you & W need is a beach ha?? L & me’ll be on it on Wed.(Cram permitting.) Brilliant post! Onwards LondonMum. ‘O’ ?? (Don’t worry, you’re no longer in trouble, you’re forgiven! - just ha.)

    • ppffft me in trouble hahahah. Will get a call when the weekly pick up is done and it’s in studio, but will give a nudge if I hear nothing 😉

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