An Italian Date

It’s a little bit harder having a date night when there’s a little person around.  But not to be defeated MrLondonMum and I wanted to have an evening where we could enjoy each others company and some wine 😉

But with a baby now part of our lives and no close relatives or friends near by (we’ve just moved so have to get to know some people really!) we realised our date night might have to involve a little critter as well.

So with the idea of consuming some wine we decided to walk to our local ASK Italian, we made the booking online and stated we’d need space for the pram.  Nice and easy!

We wrapped up and strolled to the restaurant just as the sun was setting.

Being in a family friendly restaurant made me feel so much better about having Baby London.  Don’t get me wrong if he cried I’d make sure he stopped as I don’t think it’s fair to other diners.  But there was no disdain in the waiter’s faces or from the other people eating in the restaurant as we wheeled in our pram.  In fact not long after we arrived a huge table with about 6 young children were seated.  So the restaurant is very child friendly!

As Baby London was sleeping (brilliant idea about walking to the restaurant), we left him in his pram as we perused the menu.

I won’t lie, the menu is mouth-watering.  It very authentic in its dish choices, and actually there was so much we wanted we found it hard to pick.  So to help us along we thought we’d order some wine…


With the grape circulating around our bodies (a delicious Sauvignon Blanc) we finally decided on our meal choices.

For starters we shared a small antipasto classico board and some calamari…

…which went down a treat!

For our mains we wanted one pasta dish so we could fully #respectthepasta and a completely different dish.  So MrLondonMum chose the tagliatelle con lugancia e porcini (or an Italian sausage and mushroom pasta to me and you) and I went for the terrina frutti di mare (a seafood stew).

With a stew like that you just have to tuck right in…

and a date night is never complete until you’ve ordered dessert (honeycomb cheesecake and tiramisu) and an espresso…

(blame MrLondonMum for the missing dessert parts)

We were lucky that the whole time we were there Baby London didn’t stir and slept soundly.

The waiters were so surprised and couldn’t help but have a little peek every now and then as they served us.  I loved their bright orange work wear…

ASK Italian felt like a world away from being in the city.  It actually felt like we were in Italy.  The waiters were delightful and attentive, and food was simply delicious and authentic.

And the wine was just so needed! It’s been a while since I’ve drunk a great wine.  It went straight to my head (not that I’m complaining) but we did get a few ‘you’re irresponsible parents’ looks as we walked home, but we were just giddy, full up and satiated, not actually drunk!

If only they could have seen what a responsible parent I was because walking straight through our front door it was back to being Mummy again as Baby London decided to wake himself up with an explosive nappy!

Thank you to AskItalian for allowing me to be part of their #respectthepasta campaign.  Here’s one of their video’s to enjoy:




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  1. how nice that you are close enough to walk to the restaurant, I used to love it when we could go out for a meal & have a baby that slept all the way through - now we usually have 3 bickering kids! your meal looked lovely x

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