Baby Beauty Hacks

My beauty loving Mother’s, it’s time to start looking closer to home for your next beauty fix.

If you’re anything like me, that little man or little woman in your life has everything they could possibly need or want in terms of baby products.  But as for yourself, you only remember to stock up days after your favorite moisturiser has finished and your skin is looking ashen and dehydrated.

So I thought I’d do a post on my favourite baby beauty hacks- because yes, many of the products you use on your child also masquerade as amazing bathroom toiletries for you!


1.  Baby Wipes

Used to clean your child’s derrière, food covered mouths, grubby hands and pretty much every surface your child touches, it’s no surprise that baby wipes are also great make up removers.  Made to be gentle enough for newborn skin and protect little ones, I feel confident that the ingredients won’t irritate my skin when I come home from an evening out and need something to remove the surface layer of makeup and dirt from my face before a deeper cleanse with a face wash.

2.  Muslin Cloths

These cloths are an absolute God send for a new Mother.  They wipe up sick, dribble and milk.  Pretty much in that order as well.  Newborns… aren’t they great?  Even once a baby has grown out of that stage, a muslin is still used to mop up messy faces.  But where does it come in handy for a Mum?

Well back in my pre-baby days, I was a lover of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  I’d always buy the brand muslin cloths but with two cloths in the packet they were only useful for one morning and one evening cleanse before needing to be machine washed.  I bought a few packs, but still I felt I was going through them quicker than I had the supply.  Now instead of having to buy the small Liz Earle muslin cloths, I have an abundance of massive baby muslins at my fingertips.  They are brilliant to really work your cleansing product into your skin, or using to dry your face after cleansing.  The slightly rough texture exfoliates the skin gently and helps moisturiser sink in more deeply.  (I’m still a lover of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I just haven’t gotten around to buying it recently).

3.  Sudocrem

A changing table must have, this antiseptic healing cream is used on baby’s bottoms throughout the country.  It’s brilliant at dealing and soothing any nappy rash issues.  The squeezy tube of Sudocrem: Skin Care Cream* is an easy to transport nappy bag essential but also works a charm on acne.  Blobbing a dot on a spot at night-time really does help reduce the inflammation by morning.  Cheryl Fernandez-Versini once mentioned this was her must have acne fighting product and if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me!

4.  Coconut Oil


100% natural and organic, coconut oil has a million benefits.  It was the only natural oil that independent dermatology nurse Julie Van Onselen told me (under the radar while working with her on a series of Johnson’s YouTube videos), that she would happily recommend to use on baby skin.  Kokoso* is a high quality virgin coconut oil that is brilliant for moisturising baby skin naturally and helping to combat cradle cap without medical intervention.  Coconut oil is anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti viral.

For Mum, it’s great for anti ageing due to its anti oxidant properties as a face moisturiser; but it can encourage break outs so give your skin some time to see how it affects you.  I love using it for makeup removal (with a muslin cloth), and as an intensive hair treatment.  I massage the solid oil in my hands until it melts before massaging it into my scalp and ends, letting it work its magic.  It deals with dandruff and leaves hair silky smooth after washing it out.

5.  Lanolin

Even seeing the word makes me shudder.  It brings back memories of my tortured nipples.  Lanolin is used to soothe your nipples between breastfeeding.  There was never enough to soothe mine but I did find it was a great lip balm.  It does heal cracked nipples but it also heals cracked lips and keeps them moisturised.  I ended up giving up breastfeeding but my lips stayed luscious for a good while.

6.  Baby Oil*

Used to lock in moisture and prevent dryness on baby’s delicate skin, this product is also a model’s secret.  Baby oil is used to enhance a sexy glow or sheen across the body.  I quite like a bit around my collarbone and on my legs.  Especially with a summer sun-kissed tan, this product is a beauty must!

7.  Baby Powder*

I don’t think I’ve managed to buy a can of dry hair shampoo since I gave birth.  But luckily I do have some talcum powder to hand for those days in between washes to help soak up some of the grease (as well as using it to soak up excess moisture on my baby’s butt after cleaning him) .  I just brush some talc through my hair and that grease is mopped up!

8.  Pommade Divine


Pommade Divine* is a multi purpose balm that’s been in homes since the 18th century.  In the Edwardian era it became known as Nanny’s Magic Ointment as it became a staple product in the aristocratic nurseries- evening getting a Downton Abbey mention.    It treats a myriad of nursery problems such as nappy rash, bruises, cuts, grazes, sunburn, itching and rashes due to its unique combination of essential oils, spices and resins that have been tried and tested for centuries to perfect the formula.

But it also works a treat for many adult issues, such as scar prevention from burns, stretch mark prevention, spot treatment and much much more.  Jemma Kidd uses it religiously as a hand and nail moisturiser, while Sienna Miller always keeps a jar to hand for using on herself and on her daughter.  It’s a brilliant all-rounder skin care product that’ll be stocked for years to come in our household.

(Disclosure: Items marked with a * are PR samples.  I am under no obligation however to write about or promote any products)


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