Baby Jogger City Select Lux| Review

At the end of my post on the event for the Baby Jogger City Select Lux, I promised you a full review of this new stroller.

I was enamoured by the stroller when I heard all about its capabilities during the event, but how did it function when it came to practice?

Very well I’m pleased to announce, and it certainly rivals all the other leading all-terrain strollers that are aimed at new parents looking for that all-in-one pram.

Going from the Baby Jogger City Tour which we use daily to the Baby Jogger City Select Lux took some getting used to.  I’m so used to using a small, compact pop up stroller now that suddenly reverting back to an all-terrain one took some readjusting when it came to size.

But like I’ve said previously, having both types of strollers I think is something all parents should have access to.  Each type of stroller provides a different lifestyle need.

And this couldn’t have been more apparent than the sudden onset of snow and ice that we woke up to recently.

The wheels cut through the snow seamlessly, and the tyres gripped the ice well without pulling in any other direction even without the front wheels being locked (there is an option to lock them if required).

Never once did it veer off in any other direction other than where I needed it to go.

This traction was essential during those snowy and icy couple of days to keep the baby safe while I walked my oldest child to nursery.

His nursery is perched right on top of a hill typically, and I had him holding onto the side of the pram while I pushed the stroller up the hill.  While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend having a near four-year old child hanging off the handle bars, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux prevented him from falling and slipping as it helped to keep his balance on pure ice.  The weight of the stroller is obviously well spread out that it was able to distribute the weight to keep it pushing in the direction required without much effort on my behalf.

Coming back down that hill, the hand brake by the handle bars really helped to safely navigate the ice again.  The brake can be used like a bicycle brake so it can be applied at intervals to slow the stroller down by gently squeezing it.  Or in my case steady it when gravity was trying to pull it (and me) down the icy hill.

While I’m sure Baby Jogger didn’t build the brake for ice reasons, it goes to show how well they’ve thought about the function of this stroller.  With the ability to seat up to three children, the weight going down a hill may pull on any parent pushing, so squeezing the brake helps to keep that control.

Of course the brake can also be fully applied easily by pushing the lever all the way down in the opposite direction.  And a simple click of the unlock button releases the brake by the handle bar again.

The magic of this stroller however isn’t just its all-terrain features.  It’s the fact it has over 20 different configurations making it a suitable stroller for a growing family, or a family looking at strollers for multiple young children.  It can be used as a single stroller, a double stroller or even a triple stroller.

We tested this ourselves with the use of a second seat.

The second seat can be added or removed easily with adaptors, and just like the first seat it can hold up to 20kg and it can recline to suit the childs comfort needs just like the primary seat.

That meant we could fully test out the combination with our daughter and son.

Both seats can be put in any position, forward facing or parent facing.  And of course the seats can both be replaced by bassinets too if you have newborns.

Both seats have netted and zipped storage behind them, which I think would make great storage for nappies and wipes per child.  Especially if required for two separate aged young children.

Our son really doesn’t need to be using a stroller anymore, but he happily sat in the stroller seat and really didn’t want to get out.  In fact both my children were comfortable and content in their seats.

What I learnt as I was pushing it around is that going up curbs with a heavy child sat at the front is impossible due to the weight, so either sit the heaviest child in the seat closest to the parent or go up and down curbs backwards.  Although more realistically, with a child that weighs what my son does (18kg), it’s more likely the bench seat would be more appropriate than a full second seat.

In fact the bench seat is something that deserves to be mentioned, because it’s something that I think the market has been missing and a product many parents would get use out of as their family grows.

The bench seat is for occasional use when a child is starting to develop that independence away from needing a stroller full-time, but having the security of their being something should the need arise.

If we’re out for a full day, our oldest child can get quite weary with the amount of walking we end up doing.  So even for our near 4-year-old son this bench seat would come in handy.

The other thing I need to mention with this stroller is the ample basket space.  With an all-terrain stroller one of my must have features is huge basket space.  I often use this kind of stroller to do my supermarket shops after the nursery drop off, so having space where I can avoid carrying anything is something I look out for.

The basket ticks this feature and then some.

The basket was big enough to carry the second seat unit and the adaptors when the second seat wasn’t in use with our son, meaning that the stroller is convertible on the go without being stuck lugging a huge seat around with you.  It still had enough space left over as well to pop in our Christmas shopping and made the stroller nice and compact when we jumped on the bus to head home.

But should you require more space, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux has a shopping bag that can be attached to the front of the stroller where the second seat would be placed.  Great for keeping your milk and juice cartons upright and reducing the need for remembering to bring shopping bags or buying a plastic bag at the till.

Finally, I can confirm that this stroller has a compact close.  We drive an Audi A3 convertible, meaning we’re always compromised on space.  It’s the reason I tend to use all-terrain strollers for days when the car isn’t in use, and I keep the Baby Jogger City Tour in the boot of the car for days out.

This stroller collapsed easily and both seat units fit into our boot without the usual struggle.  So it’s definitely a stroller to consider if you’re limited on boot space.  To be honest to look at the stroller you wouldn’t think it would collapse so well, but it’s quite slim in width when it’s put down.

All in all it’s certainly a stroller to consider if you’re in the market for an all-terrain stroller or you need something that’ll help you with a growing family.

Price wise I think the Baby Jogger City Select Lux falls into an affordable bracket for £669.99 RRP in comparison to the other big brands out there and it offers so much more with a lifespan that should last throughout all your child rearing days.



  1. It does look fab, and super versatile with the different sized wheels. Like that the second seat can be taken off when needed 🙂 x

    • I fond that so useful, and I imagine when you have two young kids if one kid doesn’t want to seat in the seat you can decrease the length of the stroller easily by popping the seat out of the way into the basket

  2. The baby jogger looks great! It is indeed big but with more than one child it fits perfectly into a family’s day to day use. It’s great that the breaks are so well done and you could easily break on ice.

    • An absolute god send! In a way it was great to test it when the weather was so harsh. Many mum friends couldn’t even leave their homes because their strollers couldn’t handle the snow and ice at all, and of course the roads weren’t safe.

  3. This does look like a great jogger and one I would have loved when Sylvia was little. My sister is looking for one so I’ll share the link with her.

  4. My friend is a new mum to be so she would totally love the Baby Jogger City Select Lux. I will be telling her about this over coffee x

    • It is a big pre,- like all all-terrains but I managed to get it on a bus no problem walking from the front of the bus to the middle where I put the brakes on.

  5. This looks so useful and helpful for families with more than one child! I’m glad that the breaks are so safe especially when pavements are slippery during Winter!

  6. This sounds brilliant - especially that it managed to cut through the snow and ice seamlessly when we had that awful weather! Love that it collapses easily too

    • So many mums in my area couldn’t use their prams so had to use baby carriers and keep balance…!

  7. The baby jogger looks fab! It looks perfect for everyday use. I wish I knew about it when my girls were younger as they are only 1 year apart

  8. that smile and stare in the last photo has just melted my heart! this sounds absolutely perfect and am surprised at how it performed on ice! very impressive

    • It’s a big pram, but it does fold own well. It makes it a great pram for those that can’t leave it open at all times.

  9. I wanted to find out if the cybex Anton 4 car seat is compatible with the lux?

    • I couldn’t say I’m afraid,.. certainly something to either ask Baby Jogger direct or in store where they have the pushchairs for sale. 🙂

  10. Great post! How did you decide on the best child seats for your children? I don’t know what to get my baby.

    • I think most people go on what works best for the pram they buy. I really liked the maxi cosi pebble, it had a great insert which helped my baby’s head stop falling onto her chest which I felt was really important. But she was incredible small.

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