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There are two types of pram I think every parent will purchase.  And if they purchase well, they’ll be the only two prams a parent will ever need to purchase irrelevant of children.

The first pram is the travel system.  The one that can transform from bassinet to stroller, and a car seat can be plonked on top of it with car seat adapters.  It’ll usually have a huge basket and all terrain wheels.

This pram is a worthy purchase.

But as the child grows and gets heavier or travel starts to be part of the agenda, the travel system pram becomes quite bulky and cumbersome.

It still has its uses but it’s not practical for all situations.

This is when the second pram is purchased.

Getting the second pram right is paramount for the next three years or so.  Trust me.

And this is where Baby Jogger have come up trumps again with their City Tour.

Baby Jogger is renowned for creating practical, high quality, strong and durable strollers and their City Tour is no different.

Although it may look slight at 6.45kg, this stroller packs a punch.  In fact Baby Jogger are so sure of the sturdiness of this stroller that the chassis comes with a lifetime guaranty.

Its slight features make it the perfect travelling companion.  It folds down into a Baby Jogger bag that can be carried on your back or popped into an overhead cabin on a plane.

The fold is one-handed which makes it great when you are in a tricky situation with a baby on one hip.

But don’t be fooled by its slight exterior, because although the wheels are small they tackle terrain quite easily, which includes the cobbles that frequent London streets.

If needs be the front wheels can even be locked, however we didn’t need to use this function as we found the push comfortable and directional without the wheels being locked.

With a lightweight framed stroller (that can be carried up and down steps easily without taking the child out- they are safely secured with the 5-point harness), it can often pose the question of how long a child can realistically use the stroller.

Of course my daughter is exceptionally comfortable in the City Tour, but being 6 months old that comes as no surprise as she fits the minimum requirement.

But luckily I know she has ample chance to grow into the stroller too as we have used the stroller with her older brother who is a tall three-year old.

It’s quite nice knowing that when we use this stroller to travel with that it can be used for both children as and when it’s required.

The SPF50+ hood also makes it the perfect stroller for travelling with.  The hood features a peep through window so that even when it’s down I can always check on my daughter as I’m pushing her along.

And the seat multi-recline certainly makes it an appropriate napping tool for travelling with a young baby.

The basket size on this stroller is probably the only reason I wouldn’t use this stroller for a grocery shop.  The space just isn’t functional enough.  But that’s not surprising given that it’s a compact stroller.

There is enough space however to store everything a baby might need on a full day out including extra clothes, jumpers and a large thermos flask for making up hot milk on the go.  There’s also a pocket at the back of the seat for storing some slim items such as nappies and baby wipes.

In addition, there’s also a zipped section by the stroller basket for any items that need extra safeguarding, like keys or for storing the stroller bag.

The stroller itself currently comes in a range of four colours and to upgrade your City Tour, Baby Jogger also sell a belly bar, a cup holder and a rain cover to fit the stroller perfectly.

If you want to see the stroller in action on holiday keep an eye out on the blog as we’ll be taking it with us when we visit Thailand and Cambodia.



  1. we have this stroller and I absolutely love it too. Lightweight and easy to open with one had etc. Perfect for travelling (PS - jealous of your adventures coming up)! x

    • It’s brilliant isn’t it. I’m literally in love with it. I hate strollers and prams that take up huge amounts of space so I love how compact this stroller folds up!

    • absolutely perfect- for every situation really, even bus and underground travel in london 🙂

    • It all just starts to get too much doesn’t it? That’s definitely when you need to start looking at your second pram 😉

    • Like a literal god send! I don’t have to leave my pram up right blocking doors on trains either.

  2. Sounds like the perfect combination, thank you for sharing your experience! Very exciting travels ahead for you, enjoy!

    • So handy. Not just for travelling either but of anywhere I end up that hasn’t got the space.

  3. This looks great. Fab that it’s lightweight and I like the fact that there’s pockets at the bag. That hood looks good for travel x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…Why Travel Abroad In Winter?My Profile

  4. I can’t believe this can be folded up and put on your back! That must be amazing for parents who love to travel.

    • It’s a nightmare isn’t it. Sometimes when the door opens and you see how big the gap is and realise you can’t just push the pram off it can become such a palaver.

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