Baby London is 6 Months

So Baby London has had his half-year Birthday! It was a week ago now, but you know what it can be like when trying to update the blog on time!

Oh well better late than never!

So what’s he like now?

He’s an absolute blessing.  I literally can’t imagine life without him, and when he’s not with me I miss him ridiculous amounts.  If on the off-chance I’m around another baby when I don’t have Baby London I actually get this guilty feeling when I play or cuddle another child.  I feel like my child is missing out and my arms actually crave holding him.  He has his own unique smell and he feels different so I find I don’t get the same fulfillment from another baby.

When I do have him though I’m as tired as ever! I’m not tired because of the lack of sleep.  I’m tired because he’s so active and consumes a lot of my time during the day.  He wants constant interaction and play time now, which is so sweet but exhausting.  There are times I want him back to being newborn again when he slept every couple of hours!  But when he does nap, I miss him.  It’s all swings and roundabouts with me!

In terms of sleep he goes to bed at around 8pm every night.  But we don’t have a strict schedule.  As I type this he’s next to me in his Jumperoo and it’s 9.20pm.  I watch out for his tired cues and put him to bed then.  He’s obviously just not tired right now.  The routine is the same though, he goes into his cot where I put his Grobag on and let Ewan the Dream Sheep do his magic while I pop a dummy into his mouth.  He wakes once during the night where he demolishes near 8oz of milk and goes straight back to sleep, but I put him in our bed at this point.  I like having a little cuddle during the night and he loves it.  He always grins as I lay him back onto our pillows before he closes his eyes.  I love our little night-time feeds.  I usually grumble as I get up to fetch his milk but when I start feeding him I love that little quiet time we have.

In terms of food, he currently drinks 4 bottles a day.  Each bottle is an 8oz bottle (he drinks Hipp Organic).  He also has breakfast which is one of the baby cereals from Heinz, and he’ll have lunch and dinner as well (these are either fruit puree’s from Ella’s Kitchen or meal jars from Heinz).  I’m enjoying introducing him to new food groups but leaving the house is that bit harder now because obviously you have to make sure food times are scheduled in.  He’ll eat his breakfast when he wakes up in the morning at around 7.30am.  Lunch is around 11.30am and dinner is around 5pm.  After each of his meals I offer him some water which he loves! I never thought my child would love water as I’m not overly keen on it, it’s pretty dull in terms of a drink but if he sees the water bottle before he eats his food he’ll moan the whole time he’s eating until he gets some water.  So I hide the bottle of water now until he’s full up! 😉

He’s powering through the milestones now.  He can sit up unaided but will eventually fall over so I tend to sit him up where it’s soft, like on the sofa or the bed.  And I usually have him sat in front of me so he can eventually fall onto me.  He’s also learnt to get up on all fours and is able to rock his body back and forth.  He hasn’t started crawling just yet, but he’s not far off!  He’s also got the edge of a top front tooth poking out!

(I love his Albert Einstein hair post bath!)

This month I’ve also realised he’s a total Daddy’s boy.  He absolutely adores MrLondonMum (which really he should because he is his Father.. but heellloooooooo??!!).  When MrLondonMum comes home from work his face just lights up.  He has a massive grin for him every time, and actually gets visibly excited.  He knows when Daddy is around he’ll soon be hanging upside down and flying through the air!  Here are some pictures to prove my point.  I was trying to put him to bed (which is why he’s in a Grobag), just as MrLondonMum came home from work and as soon as Baby London heard him his eyes pinged open and he was far too excited to go to sleep.

This is definitely my favourite time with Baby London, I love this phase.  He’s playful, he’s funny and just oh so adorable.  He knows what he likes and he’ll let you know if he’s not happy! He’s learnt to grumble for attention.  He giggles uncontrollably and loves a bit of peek-a-boo.  It seems with each passing stage everything just gets more and more exciting!

P.s It’s now 9.37pm and he’s asleep in bed.  Those sleepy cues never fail!



  1. He is so cute and just too sweet! His eyes are amazing!! Wow he is 6 months already. Cherish it all, it is such a lovely time x

    • His Dad really wanted him to have his blue eyes, but I’m glad he got my brown eyes 😉
      I keep forgetting to cherish the moments because I’m so excited about the next learning stage. I have to make sure I don’t wish the time away sometimes! x

  2. What is it with babies and their daddy’s haha! As soon as indies daddy walks through the door it’s like I don’t exist anymore.. Clearly they’re more fun haha. He’s gorgeous and growing up fast! Xx

    • I know! I thought boys were meant to love their rmummy’s more. That’s so not true! lol x

  3. Seriously Baby London should be a model baby!!!! Arthur is a total Daddy’s boy too - probably because it’s only me who says No to him haha

    • It’s so unfair!!! But I’m secretly hoping he’ll say Mama first.. if I say it enough times around him surely it’ll be his first word, and then I can pretend he loves me more 😉 xx

  4. I can’t believe he is 6 months old already! I love your blog it’s brilliant !
    Cherish every moment they aren’t baby’s for long ! X x

    • I know it’s scary isn’t it? Your little man is an actual little man now. I remember when you told me you were preggo! eeeekkkk xx

  5. Happy 6 Months! Heis so darn cute, can’t believe he’s half a year already! And totally feel your pain with the daddy thing, we’ve had that but lately it seems to be the grandmas that are faves xxx

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