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I’m really happy to announce that this year I’ll be part of an exclusive group of bloggers known as the Baby Jogger Squad.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect as I now have my hands full, and need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping control of the kids when I’m out and about!

For those unaware of the brand, Baby Jogger is a baby stroller company that likes to encourage true adventure when it comes to getting out and about with your baby.  After all, it started in 1984 when the founder Phil Baechler wanted to incorporate his favourite activity (running) alongside spending time with his baby son.  This led to the birth of the three wheeled ‘Baby Jogger.’

While I’m certainly no runner, I do love to adventure with my children.

Travelling plays a big part in our family lifestyle, and having the right equipment when we go away is paramount to how successful a trip is with young children in tow.  Something I always like to consider when I’m in the market for a new stroller.

Which is why I’m really excited about reviewing the City Tour- Baby Jogger’s lightweight, compact pram that’ll fit into overhead cabins on most aeroplanes and is easy to transport.

The other pram I’ll be reviewing is the City Select Lux- which hasn’t been released yet but promises great versatility with over 20 configurations.  A great pram if I’m alone with my toddler and the baby and need to get somewhere!  I’m sure many parents to relate to the struggle of dealing with two young children when out.

There are many more things I’ll be involved in with Baby Jogger that I’ll of course be bringing to you to help you learn more about this brand and to see how the products work in real life.

If you want to check out a previous Baby Jogger product that I’ve reviewed check out this post where I review the City Mini GT and make sure to stay tuned to my blog and also my Instagram page for lots of pictures and updates!




  1. I have had 3 baby joggers and i wouldn’t chose anything else -they are absolutely brilliant and the best around!

    • I think once you use them it’s hard to use something else. Nothing is ever as convenient

  2. I’ve not actually heard of Baby Jogger before… Definitely going to keep my eye on your posts!

  3. Congratulations. I have just been looking for a new pushchair for my little girl so will be sure to come back and read the reviews. I need a good durable pushchair suitable for various terrains.

  4. Oh I’m so pleased. We have the city mini gt and I absolutely love it. So practical xx

  5. I find pushchair shopping can be really stressy, so having the chance to review is a great opportunity. I like the idea of strollers designed for activitiy, always a bonus.

    • It’s probably one of the most stressful buys when getting prepared I think. I got really tressed out and you still never know if the one you eventually pick will be the right one until you put it in full use.

  6. Aww congratulations what an amazing team to be part of, I’ve not heard of Baby Jogger before so it will be interesting to learn more about them!

  7. … & the BJS could not ask for a better ambassador!!!! - happy wobbling ha! … just a little reading material while you’re out ‘Prince & Princess pushing-n-piloting.’ Please allow me to quote from a recently discovered Shakespeare-ian quilled parchment as dug up by a distant 21st century (rugby playing / musician side of the family) relative … now hastily removed !!! ~~~~~~~~

    I treasure-eth the moment my dearest Mother bore-eth me life,
    Her now forgotten anxieties, which, alas, include-eth cake-less hunger - and 9 months of her conquering all challenges dure-eth her most courageous of timed strife.

    I was so proud of my Mum on that oh so happy day – the 15th of May,
    Our bond is now unbreakable … each-eth and every day.
    Today our bond grow-eth even stronger and our adventures all doth now layeth ahead,
    My happiness is joyous unlimited … and bhoy-o-bhoy … am I being well watered … and fed.
    I have a loving big Bros … I’ll proudly proclaim-eth so that all shouldest know,
    He’s really awesome-eth and cool-eth … well, as far as protective and caring big Brothers can go.

    So, I now venture forth-est - ‘cos I’m eventually here-eth right now.
    And I’ll gurgle and hoot and blow-eth of my best-est baby bubbles and raspberries of content - know-est to honour my family’s favoured love … and gentle ever-lasting doting intent.

    I now start-eth my life’s adventures with excitement and un-toothed gurgles … and with my Mums inherited of most radiant of smile … and with my family most dearest to guide me … I know-eth we will all travel together … for glorious mile upon mile.

    (To conclude with confess from a little ‘Princess:’) … I now grow-eth weary, my quill now-eth become-eth static, which, (‘cos I’m new to all this,) may explain why my stanza’s becoming more and more erratic.

    But, before I soar-eth and take-eth of flight, with bubbles and raspberries and gurgles and hoots,
    Oh, Mother most dearest please answer my quest, you are so wise and, to me, you are so special, the best! But, make-eth thee haste with neither ditherance or delay … because I’m so anxious to know on this very day … WHERE-EVER CAN THEY BE? Please Mum, answer-eth me … oh, my now excited un-fettered bubbles, raspberries, gurgles and hoots … please, oh please - I just have to know Mum … … … WHERE’S ‘ME’ RUGBY BOOTS ??

    Shakespeare don’t ya know! – what do you mean? - you’ve never heard of that before? Now you can see why the distant rugby / musician of the Shakespeare-ian family was unceremoniously thrown-out - &, as you can probably guess … the B+WC’s in-between recording gigs before Lucy & I take a delayed Birthday get-away Fri-Mon long weekend haha. Hope all’s going well for the ‘FABULOUS FOURSOME.’ - hope you had a good spoilt & ‘eagled’ Birthday LondonMum. “No more babies now?” - Adam & Eve said that & just look ‘wot ‘appened’ - Onwards LondonMum - (no more apples for you then? Hahahaha … apologies for length.)

    • Just when I was getting used to all the -eth’s of shakespeare it got ruined by the words”rugby” and “boots” hahah

    • I really think they will, I can’t wait to test them out on our holidays!

  8. Congratulations on becoming one of the squad! A wonderful plaudit indeed. Prams have come such a long way in recent years, and one that can fit in an overhead cabin? That is genius!

  9. I love the idea of the Baby Jogger Squad! What a wonderful way to encourage moms and dads to be out and about with their little ones. Can’t wait to follow along and read about all of the fun things you decide to do!

  10. Congratulations. Well done on being selected as part of the Baby Jogger Squad. I look forward to hearing your news and adventures as part of the squad.
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  11. I had never heard of the Baby Jogger Squad but I’m really looking forward to your posts. Congratulations!

  12. A huge congratulations to you and how lovely to be part of something that you can make use of in your day to day life. Can’t wait to read more about this company

  13. That group sounds like a lot of fun for mothers and I bet it’s quite inspiring too, encouraging each other to visit places. I do think travelling and spending time in the outdoors is important for children - I spent a lot of my childhood doing things like that and I really appreciate it now I’m older.

    • Having the ability to be outdoors i so important to me and for my kids enjoy it they have to be comfortable.

  14. Ooh, what a fab squad to be a part of 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you think of their products!

    Louise x
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  15. I have to admit I’ve not heard of Baby Jogger before but congratulations and I can’t wait to find out more about them from you!

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