Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 5)

You may have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve done some MuTu/Thinking Slimmer updates.  But this being a blog you can’t escape the truth.  So here it is.. I fell off the wagon!

I know I know, but sometimes it’s so hard to keep on track.  The reason it’s hard is because once you start seeing results you feel 1000 times better in yourself it almost feels like you’ve reached the end goal.  Only I haven’t reached the end goal.

So instead of beating myself up, I allowed myself sometime to enjoy my new found freedom (which for me is getting back into my old clothes) and then I jumped back on the band wagon.

After speaking to Sandra Roycroft-Davis (the founder of Thinking Slimmer) who called me after reading my posts and noticing some red flags we both realised a slight error.  I’ve been following the diet which is part of the MuTu programme (which I thought was done by Thinking Slimmer), and not listening to the Thinking Slimmer slimpod (which she forgot to send) which retrains your mind and helps you eat better and make smarter food choices.   There’s no diet involved, it’s all about mind retraining.  So I’ll be starting that this week to coincide with next weeks post.  Although I do enjoy the food changes I’ve made through MuTu so I’ll still be buying MuTu approved food!

So with that in mind I won’t do a food update this week.  What I will say is that I haven’t been a golden student and I have allowed myself to indulge here and there, but that will show the results of the Thinking Slimmer slimpod better next week!

In terms of exercise I restarted week 5 of the MuTu programme this week.  I make sure I do the intensive workout in the morning (about 20mins) when I wake up and before I have my breakfast.  I find that if I wait all day I don’t have the energy in the evening and I make all the excuses I can to get out of it.  (Me? exercise shy?! Never!).

But once I have done the intensive workout I feel amazing and like I’ve accomplished something.  The intensive workout is designed really to help you lose the fat.  It’s up to the individual whether or not they want to do it as an extra on top of the core exercises.  I want my paunch to be gone, so I have to put in the exercise!

I do the core workout daily which helps to close the gap in your muscles called diastasis recti.  Mine was obviously caused by having such a large baby for my frame.  The core workout has closed my gap significantly (I have a two finger gap now) and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete two rounds of it.

I’m only on week 5 and yet I feel so much more positive, and because I’ve already seen results I know this is a programme that will work.  Now with the slimpod I’m ready to tackle the caesarean section overhang 😉

Length of Paunch

23cm (1cm loss since last check.  Loss of 6cm in total)

Width around my Midsection

70cm (no change since last check.  Loss of 8cm in total)

(I have been asked to review the MuTu/Thinking Slimmer system, but these are the genuine results and thoughts I have regarding the programme).



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